Back from hospital

Not long been back from hospital and wanted to let you all know that everything is fine! Scan was fantastic and baby was there with heartbeat!! It was amazing, i burst into tears cos of expecting the worst! Dates have changed though, not 13+5 as midwife though but now 12+5 and due on the 17th july. Thank you all for your kind messages and support! xxx


  • Congrats i am really pleased for you that baby is ok.
    take care.
    vikki xx
  • congrats babe, oowww nice summer baby! xxxx
  • Well done Mikayla sooo pleased for you been thinking happy thoughts for you all day. You are now due the day before me unless mine change!

  • Am pleased it all went well. Am still worrying about mine on Thursday, but only 3 more sleeps to go.

  • Yey! Well done you and little baby!! Roll on the next few months, eh???
  • Pleased to hear all went well Mikayla - it's so lovely to see you baby isn't it? My face ached from grinning so much the day i had mine!
  • Thank you for all your messages, i was so prepared for the worst that i even thought about what i would post on here to tell you! And when she moved scanner over my belly and said "Thats your baby and thats the heartbeat" I just kept crying and saying oh my god oh my god! It was so amazing, just wish now id of listened to the few of you that said i shouldnt go on my own, but nevermind! I feel fantastic now. Can start enjoying my pregnancy! xx
  • congratulations! i had my first scan on friday (an early one due to pains and a preivious mmc) and i wouldent look at the screen!! everything looked ok and im 9+1 and due aug 7th
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
    shaz xx
  • Really pleased to hear that all went well with your scan. Chill now and enjoy the rest of it!!! Easy to say isnt it - wish could take my own advice lol Got anomoly scan on 13th Feb and am absolutely petrified - again! Dying to know whether its a boy or girl though.
    Take care, Love Lee x
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