Labour ward tour last night :( need advice

Hiya everyone .... hope you are all ok

I had my labour ward tour last night and whilst i found it very informative, scary but useful, im not happy with giving birth there.

Its very cramped, very limited staff, no waiting room, NOWHERE to park, nurses werent very friendly, walls and curtains are about 200 years old, old equipment..... ahh its stressing me out thinking about it!

Also that particular hospital has been on the news this morning. Apparently there is a danger for mothers and babies as there are no midwives !!

Who should i ring to see if i can change my hospital? I really really dont want to speak to my midwife. She hates getting phone calls, cant even remember who i am half the time, is rude and doesnt seem to want to help.



  • Its so awful that u are having such a dilema and have no-one to turn to. Im not sure how easy it wud be for u to try and get in at another hospital but its always worth a try. I think the NHS really need to book up their ideas wen it comes to maternity care and its about time that they had some money to spend on it. I t must be awful now u kinda know wat to expect and ur not happy with it. U shud try talking to ur mw tho (even if she is a grumpy cow), as u are entitled to good quality care. Kerry xxx

  • Can you not speakto another midwife? or your doctor? I'm really lucky because my maternity ward is only 2 years old and very spacious (i had my son there 20 months ago) I dont know if they would be able to change your hospital, but its better to get it off your chest. I hope you can change x
  • My friend changed hospital about 8 weeks before her little one was due, just sorted it through her midwife if thats any help.
  • Who do you think i should call? My doctors never help, they always say i need to speak to my midwife and i just cant. She really is awful.

    This is my first pregnancy and as im approaching the end im worrying more and more im not going to get sufficient care.

    Ive just been on the BBc news website and it is on there too.

  • I never had a tour and to be honest didnt even notice what my room looked like!
    Tho the midwives were short at my hospital. I went in at 4pm and wasf ully dilated, but Aimee was born at half 10 as i had 4 different midwives who kept crossing over. One even told me the baby fely big soon as i was 32weeks, i wasnt i was 41!!
    Aimee hadnt dropped and instead of doing something they just kept waiting and passing me to the next. i was in so much pain i had pethadine that i didnt want. The last midwife was great, got me to change position and she was out in35mins! So def change if your not happy with staff, speak to you docs xx
  • You can change your hosptial any time up untill you give birth so if you are not happy then you can definately do something about it. I think your best option would be either to ring your local community midwifes office (where your midwife works from) and tell them that you are not happy with your care and wished to be refered to a different hospital. Alternatively you should be able to do the referal yourself, find the phone numer for the antenatal department at the hospital you want to go to and then phone them and explain the situation.
  • Hi Melissa

    I have just changed from the hospital to a birthing centre with 6 weeks to go.

    I rang the birthing centre and they said to go and look round then if i decided i liked it they would change my booking for me.

    Could you not ring the place where you would like to go and speak to them to see if they could change it for you - with me it was just a case of them getting my notes transferred.

    Hope this helps

    Try not to worry i'm sure you'll sort it out


    35 + 3
  • Well i just phoned the hospital i want to go to and they told me i need to speak to my midwife and she will do a referral form.

    This is a no go as she has told me no before.

    I feel terrible now,as if im banging my head against a brick wall and no one wants to listen to me.

  • Melissa

    Is that form the only way ?

    Like i said i didn't need a form i just went to the birthing centre.

    Could you not try your G.P or could you not see a different midwife?

    You should not feel bullied .

    Why did your midwife say no before?

  • Well apparently thats what i need to get into another hospital.

    Ive spoken to my GP who said he doesnt deal with it and it all goes through the midwife. A few weeks ago i told the receptionists at the doctors that i wanted to change my midwife and they just laughed it off like everyone else does.

    My midwife said no before because my doctors is in Gwent and this hospital is " too far away " ( 15 mins down the motorway ) !

    Even my partner thinks im making a fuss out of nothing !
  • If you are not happy then you are not making a fuss about nothing. You need to give birth in a place where you are comfortable. Phone your midwife and ask her for the phone number of her boss. Tell her that either she does the referal for the other hospital or you will be making an official complaint about your treatment. This is YOUR descision, not hers and she has no right to bully you.
  • Ive just spoken to the head of midwifery- who has now taken over and will be my midwife. I made a complaint and they agreed it wasnt satisfactory !
    They're even gonna come to my house now instead of me going to the doctors for my appointments ! how fab is that !

    She also told me i can go wherever i choose for the birth ! Im now going to ring the birthing centre in Caerphilly !

  • i'm gonna look round mine soon and if i dont like it i'm gonna ask to go to another one in my area. u have a right to go where u want image xx
  • That's great Mellisa, well done for sticking to your guns. If your birth centre is as nice as the one I am going to you will love it.
    Kerry xx
  • u r so lucky i wanted to go to a birth centre image but i dont have any near me its so unfair!! lol xxx
  • Well done. I hope this eases your stress because that's the last thing you need.
  • Big thank you to you all for your responses image
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