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Hiya everyone!

Just found out I'm pregnant due around the end of June but no definite dates yet as haven't had dating scan yet.

Was just wondering if anyone new where to get reasonably priced maternity clothes from?



  • hi,

    Congrats - i'm due late June too! i haven't started shopping for maternity clothes just yet but next and dorothy perkins both do reasonably priced stuff i think. my friend also got some jeans from new look that she was really happy with.

    A lot of companies sell maternity clothes online too, so a google search should throw up a few possibilities.

    If you're an ebay fan I think a lot of women try and recoup the cost of maternity clothes by selling them on ebay afterwards.

  • HI
    I got most of mine from Next,Dorothy Perkins and New Look as they were reasonably priced and had good choice xxx
  • I found next good although in my town you have to order through the internet they dont have the clothes instore which is a pain. Also topshop has some nice things for a festive night out - i was very suprised x

    Good luck in your pregnancy
  • H & M and Dorothy Perkins are both good but I defo recommend ebay! Damn - thats more competition on the bidding!!!!!
  • Hi there....

    I found New Look has fantastic maternity clothes....
    I bought a pair of really nice jeans for ??10!!. A top for ??8 and some black trousers for work (but sooo nice will wear out aswell) ??12.

    Hope all goes well throughout your pregnancy...x x
  • i agreee with katie new look have some brill struf at really good prices!!!
  • i agreee with katie new look have some brill struf at really good prices!!!
  • I started wearing maternity clothes a few weeks ago and tho I hated H&M with a passion pre-pregnancy I love their maternity stuff. The normal sizes in there are teeny weeny, I was a size 14 and couldnt zip up a 16, it was so depressing but the maternity sizes are great! And they all have those under-bump things that keep u really cosy lol x x x

  • Thanx 4 the advice everyone! Lookin forward to goin shoppin now!!
  • HI
    Highly recommed Mothercare - some stuff a bit frumpy but work trousers and track suit type stuff brilliant and plain tops, t shirts. They are they only ones that have seen me through the whole preg (now 34 wks) other stuff eg topshop i started growing out of. Don't spend that much. I think just 1 or 2 pairs black trousers, a couple of black, white, grey tshirts or vests and jeans. Most cardis/tops will then go over then. Best buys were 'bump bands' which mean you can continue wearing own tops for ages.
  • I am 33 weeks and when I have finished with my maternity wear I will be selling it on e-bay- I will post this as a topic incase anyone is interested coz the stuff is like new.

    I personally like Next so a lot of my clothes are from there but I also have some from Dorothy Perkins and Mothercare.
  • i have got some great stuff from new look, only downer is i saw some great mat trousers fit like a dream, sadly way too long in the leg image they all seem to be 32" leg and a long 32 at that so not so good if ur a bit short.
    most normal stuff comes in diff leg length, but not the maternity stuff. xx
  • Sorry if this sounds really thick but what are bumb bands and where can you get them from?
  • lol
    i dont think i sounds thick coz i dont know about them either i mean i hve heard about them but didnt really look into it
  • A stretchy piece of material that looks like a boob tube but for your bump! To wear under tops or over the top of trousers so your bump isn't exposed.They are ??5 each in topshop, come in black and white (I did get a pink one in the summer)and they have been a godsend. I've only just started wearing maternity tops (am 34wks) as I've been wearing them all the way through, but they are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable now.x
  • ??3 in new look . xx
  • I went to New Look yesterday, much to my dismay as am only 13 weeks 4 days!! However, I spent ??97 and got 2 pairs jeans, 2 pairs work trousers, 1 pair combats and 6 tops. All on trend and well worth the money!
  • i'm a larger mom to be and as i live in an area where maternity clothes are limited i did the next best thing i went to Evans and brought 2 pairs of 24-26 trousers then went to matalan for the Rogers and rogers collection limited as it was i got 4 tops. trousers are great as they are elasticated and tie waist and i pull up over my tummy thereofre stopping pressure on bladder YAY lol i'm 9weeks 2 mora and have been living in them for the last 3 weeks lol my body retained water for the first 2 -4 weeks of pregnancy but now i'm dehydrating rapidly but not lost my belly very confusing lol
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