advice please ladies (might be tmi!!) x

Hi all, hope someone can help me.

Haven't had a very stressful day, and I was on our computer earlier, when I felt wet 'down there' (felt like I had weed myself...sorry!!)

Went to the toilet and my pants were wet not with urine but water. It only happened once, and have had no contractions or bh as yet (this happened around 4ish) phoned local maternity unit, and they said to put a sanitary towel on and see what happpened. nothing else has and have had lots of kicks and movement since.

Has this happened to anyone or can anyone advise me what happened?

thank you

Cheryl xx


  • I had that with my 3rd - I kept feeling as thou I had either wet myself or was water leaking. The 1st time I popped to hosp for a chk, they said I'd lost a minute pocket of fluid which prob broke away (have no idea how but there you go) and was just '1 of those things'! The other time ! had wet myself lol Baby had sat right on my bladder and I didn't know lol
  • my sis had this, i think the bladder takes so much of a pounding it just gives in and you have a small accident! nothing to be ashamed of, proberly happens more reg than we realise.

    As long as there's no blood, meconium or pain with it, there's nothing to worry about.
  • I had this with 2 of my pregnancies, after about 20 weeks I felt quite damp most of the time and did think I was leaking amniotic fluid. It turned out it was just "natural" as things down below do change during pregnancy. I would mention it to your midwife as it doesn't hurt to put your mind at rest, but It sounds to me like everything is just fine.
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