ttc advice

did any of you have a funny taste in your mouth before you was due af and got bfp??? im due 28/29th and since last night i have this awful coated mouth. tested today 10 dpo bfn x


  • Me bev, was sooooo thirsty, it wouldnt go away, still get it good luck xx

    What tests are you testing with? I got BFP at 8DPO with FR but not until 12DPO with other brands x
  • not thirsty just a horrible coating feels awful and nothing will shift it. i used fr today but ff has put me at 10 dpo x x
  • I know what you mean by the taste, I still have it, no matter how much I brush my teeth, good luck hun xxx
  • yeah i just made a coffee and it tastes awful like the milk is off but its not its fresh. hoping this is it for me x x x thank you for your advice hun x
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