Is it possible to go off food in early pregnancy? I feel hungry but everything i eat just doesn't taste right! And toast...well I can hardly stomach that and chewing on it makes me want to hurl!

I thought I might go off certain things but right now the only thing I enjoy is banana and orange juice. I cooked a roast yesterday which has always been one of my favourite meals and it just didn't taste right and the broccoli was sour!

Has anyone else experienced this?



  • I was just the same hun
    toast was like hell the smell and everything, in fact it still makes me heave.
    i tackled it bu going shopping and just getting wot ever caught my eye healthy or not at least u r eating something, gradually it changes hun x x

  • I was exactly the same and have only just regained my appetite now and i'm 18 weeks!! Just eat what you fancy when you fancy! xx
  • I was just the same, I couldnt eat any greens at all.
    Broccoli, peas, salad- I couldnt even chew it.

    It does get better, just do what the others said and eat what you want, when you want but honestly you must try and eat little and often it does make you feel better.
  • Yes hun i had this with fried eggs - I loved them then one day I had them and they tasted rank and I havent eaten them since!! Im fine with food now though the only thing I really cant stomach is cups of tea - and I used to drink loads of tea so its really weird. Hopefully it will wear off for you soon hun


  • I've gone off tea too! I usually have a cup with my breakfast but the last couple of days I find it very hard to drink and end up throwing it down the sink!

    This is all very weird and exciting! I'm glad I'm not the only one having these types of feelings. When I'm eating I think to myself 'maybe I'm just making it up and it's always tasted like this'...hehe I think I'm going crazy!

  • no love your not going crazy, well if u r we are too lol,
    take care x x
  • Hi I feel the same I don't feel like eating anything though. I used to love my food now i'm barely eating which worries me a little that my body isn't getting enough.. I'm forcing food down my neck lol. Wish i was like this before i got pregnant lol xx

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