Pregnancy after 1 MC? Need some positive stories! x

Hi there,

Just had a mmc and DH and I want to try again asap (prob after 1 cycle).....

Have any of you fallen pregnant after a soon? How did you cope with worrying that the same thing might happen again?

Any positive stories would be greatly appreciated! In need of a ray of hope!


Frankie x

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  • Hi Frankie, I mc our first at 7 weeks last December. Hubby and I waited for 1 cycle then tried again and caught immediately. Took each day as it came, willing myself to get beyond the 7 week point. (Didn't take test until 8 weeks, though knew I was pregnant). Slight spotting a few days before my scan was due but managed to remain calm. Had scan at 13 weeks and heaved a sigh of relief. Saw heartbeat and baby moving. Still apprehensive (hoping to relax even further after 20 week scan) but determined not to look back and regret all the time spent worrying when I should've been enjoying the experience. It's difficult but you need to take 1 day/week at a time. As weeks pass you will become more positive, promise. Good luck to you. Julie x
  • Hi Frankie, I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks quite a few years ago and didnt try again until last September, I am now 33 weeks, had a massive break in between but had no troubles with this one. Hope you get your BFP soon and a smooth 40 weeks x
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    So happy for you that you have a healthy little baby on the way, seeing your baby moving about on scan must have been so amazing x

    Yes, I will try to keep positive when we try again.....

    I like your way of thinking, it is comforting to hear about how you have coped with everything.

    Best wishes

    Frankie xx
  • Hi jmp!

    So pleased to hear abot your lo!

    33 must be getting really excited!

    Thank you so much for your positive story. It is comforting.

    Frankie x
  • Hi Frankie
    So sorry to hear your news, i too had a mmc and found out at 12 wk scan. This was in January. We started trying straight away after. I had 1 af 39 days after ERPC and the next month i fell pg. I am now 14 weeks and so far so good. Hope this gives you a bit of hope.

    Good luck Poppy x

  • Hi Frankie

    I had my 2nd mmc in June last year but didn't pass everything until July. I waited to have one normal period and then started trying. Got pg after one month (conceived September) so not long at all. Apparently you are more fertile after mc for some reason.

    Good luck honey - I'm now 38+ and having my baby on Wednesday by section, so it is very possible!

    2 days to go
  • Hi, I had a mc in December 07 at 8wks. I bled for 4 days and then fell pregnant again at next ovulation. I had plannned to wait a month but .....
    Anyway am now 23+4 and all going well.
    Try to relax and not worry about it to much. It sounds trite but the positive is that you know you can fall pregnant. Your body will decide when you're ready again. Good luck. S x
  • Gosh!!!

    Thank you all so much for sharing your stories.....It has helped so much to hear about your healthy pregnancies! It made me cry with tears of joy rather than sadness for once! Going through this mc is the worst thing I have ever had to contend with.....

    Karen, good luck! I am so excited for you! x

    Claire and Poppy, I look forward to hearing about how you are coming along over the next few months too.

    Thanks so much.

    F x
  • hun as you may have read recently i had a mc at 6 weeks in march, went for scan at epu to be told pg test was negative and had had some bleeding. Well i must have ovulated without knowing because the week after -ve test i tested positive(def a new pregnancy as had bloods taken and were normal). So indeed i fell pg straight after a mc and am now 12 weeks although slightly nervous still, but have had 2 scans both showed heartbeat and 2nd one baby moving.
    Good luck hun and i really hope it goes ok for you. Take care
    Filo x
  • Hi, sorry to hear about your mc. I mc Aug last year at 6wks. Devastated but took th eopinion things happen for a reason and things obviously weren't as they should be. Kept trying and found out just before Christmas that I was expecting again. Am now 27 wks. Keep positive and keep having lost of sex! There's no reason why you won't fall pregnant. Good luck!!
  • Hi Frankie,

    Another to add to the list of positive stories!

    l had a mc in dec 07 & found it an incredibly difficult experience. l had one af 28 days later in jan & found out l was pg again in feb. l am now 21wks + 4 & all is well. Falling pg again so quickly was wonderful but l have to admit it was difficult as l was still grieving for the first baby in the first few weeks of this pregnancy, so it did initially get in the way of bonding with my baby.
    Personally my advice would be to allow yourself time to deal with how the mc made you feel, because doing this while you are "supposed" to be happy about being pg is a very confusing place to be & made me feel very guilty about my feelings towards my second pregnancy. Everyone is different though & some girls find it very comforting to be pg again, which of course is perfectly ok. l'm just telling you my experience.
    l must add though that l have dealt with these feeling alot over the last few weeks & l'm now feeling very happy about this pregnancy & bonding well with my baby esp as he/she is starting to kick me lots in the last couple of weeks!

    l wish you all the best!
    Anna x
  • Hi,

    Thank you all for your stories. It has really helped me look to the future and realise that it is not all doom and gloom.

    Good luck to all of you pg ladies....I looked forward to reading about your new arrivals!

    Frankie x

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