How many friends are pregnant?


On one hand I feel very fortunate that many of my friends/family are pregnant. however on the other they have started to labour and I dont like what ive heard. One friend waters broke with no contractions so they arranged to induce. 3 days later she still hadnt been, as there were no free beds in the delivery suite. Another friend has very recently given birth (she got a bed) and literally 1hr 20 mins after giving birth they were asking if she was well enough to go home as they had labouring woman waiting in the waiting room!! At first I thought being pregnant with so many other people was really im starting to change my mind! Anyone else pregnant with lots of other friends etc? xxxx


  • Well I started off only knowing my SIL who is due in Jan, but since starting Aqua-natal I've becomes friends with 5-6 other girls all due around my date.....

    One had her baby yesterday, nearly delivered in the bath on the maternity ward because she dilated really quickly and the mw didn't believe her husband when he was saying she wanted to push!! She was whipped out, rushed down to delivery suite still sopping wet, covered in towels.... 20 minutes later her baby girl was born

    But that might be just a quick delivery and not a staff issue, not sure :\?
  • One of my close friends is due a week after me - I found out Friday! I'm really excited but going to try hard not to get into chats about it too much. Just worried she will get annoyed with me talking about it so much!!! Hopefully as time goes on and we share more experiences it will be great having her due so close to me. Although I am already very jealous of her - she is tiny and will get a gorgeous neat bump I just know it!!! LOL


    P.S. Going from your stories I might make her agree to no chats about labour if one of us goes into labour first!!!
  • zero, zilch, nada. not one of my friends or family is pregnant at the moment so i'm super appreciative of all u lovely ladies here on BE


  • i have got my best friend who has recently had her baby a friend i used to work with whos due in 2 weeks and my sil whos due twins a week after me and since my son started school in sept theres three other mums expecting in the next few weeks so quite a few is nice to have other people to talk to about things but im dreading any bad stories about the hosp im going to as i didnt have a good experence there when i had my first xx
  • my next door neighbour is 1 week behind me. which is great, but ive already had 1 baby and it was fine so not many horror stories scare me or worry me at all. xx
  • well not long ago i saw medim and he said my friend going preg same time as me and yes she just found she preg so werid or what apart from that ive one other friend she due same date as me
  • my sister is due in jan, then there is sara from here due in feb ( we knew each other before the forum) then me in march, another friend in scouting with my OH and i is due a few days after me. my sister's SIL and my cousins wife is due in may. so i know of quite a few people,lol.
  • I know 7 people who are also pregnant just now - 1 is due next month, 3 in Jan (same as me), 1 in March, 1 in April and 1 in May. I also know 2 people who have recently given birth - there must be something in the water where I live :lol:

  • None, not a one ! I know of at least one who has been trying to get pg since July but none who are currently pg. I have one friend who gave birth two and a bit years ago but cant really talk to her about it as she has a very traumatic pregnancy and birth so doesnt want to discuss it.
  • My sil in 10 days ahead of me, a girl who i work with is due a month before me in feb, there are also about 3 other women at work pregnant and a friend of mine best friend is pregnant too!!

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