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Hey ladies,

This is quite embarassing image

I know that when we are pregnant we can swell up down there and it can become tighter etc. but is the swelling only on the inside or can it be on the outside too? Now, I haven't been able to see my area for sometime now but I had a feel yesterday (not in a sexual way lol) and it feels swollen, even when I wear my underwear it digs in and leaves marks because I am swollen, my lips also feel a lot harder because of the swelling, I have had a look and I don't look any different (except the marks where my underwear has dug in) I just feel it. Don't really want to say anything to hubby and he hasn't noticed it, and if he has he certainly has said anything. I have become so tight we can barely have sex, as my dh is quite well endowed but now it's really difficult.

Any advice ladies? is this normal?


PS: just read through what I have written and I'm blushing lol


  • It is so funny that u have posted this coz i have to been feeling a little swollen over the past couple of days. This might sound gross but my OH trims my lady garden for me and wen he did it last night he said that i looked swollen without me even mentioning it to him. I must admit tho over the past few days iv felt alot more pressure down there so im just assuming the swelling is normal. As regards to having sex its doggy style all the way for us now coz thats the only possible position that can be managed and i have found its not as tight. Kerry xxx (33+1)
  • Hey Kerry,
    It's ok my dh trims me now too cos there is no way I would be able to lol.
    It just feels a lot harder and more tender than normal and where my underwear has dug in has become sore and now walking feels weird lol
  • Perhaps just keep an eye on it and if it gets any worse mention it to ur mw. Iv not had problems with my underwear digging in as such but its defo uncomfortable and like u said it feels funny to walk sometimes. My god the things we go thru to bring these beautiful babies into the world, lol. Kerry xxx
  • Sorry Ladies I am in stitches at the lady garden comment! Mine hasent swollen but I am definatly squidgy where as I am normally boney if that makes sense? only a the front though. Pregnancy does some pretty darn harsh things!
  • I know and I was naive to think they only caused you hassle after they were born lol
  • Mine has swollen to the point of grotesqueness (how do you spell that??!) but I have chronic varicose veins which cause this - yes you can only imagine how bad they look! Can't even let my dh look as it's so distressing.

    Could be the extra pressure and increased blood flow (you know what they say about pregnancy sex being so much better because of it!)

    21 days to go
  • hi ladies, just had to say that i have noticed the same...think its all part of the joy that is being pregnant!!! i am so tight and swollen down there that we can hardly have sex as it hurts the both of us! very annoying as i want as much nookie as poss over next 4 weeks to try and ensure little one turns up on time!!!
    Claudia 35+3
  • I wish I could get my husband to do that for me! I cant see it and have given up pruning now because I just make a mess of it! But I've also been feeling really swollen on the outside. I cant see it so not sure what it looks like but it certainly feels swollen.
  • Swelling is totally normal - its all to do with increased pressure from weight of baby and increased blood flow!! I've had some sort of swelling down there with each of mine - in fact, I'm only 12+5 and am already feeling a little swollen!!
  • This is going to sound really weird and gross but does anyone else feel it kind of pulsate sometimes? I get a huge pressure down there and then it almost feels like its kind of..beating..! Only for a couple of seconds but its really odd
  • i swear if a man read this hed think we were all nuts!!! my mw said its all normal but did warn about varicose veins down there !! isnt pregnancy just one long party lol
  • im same too, especially the bony bit, feels fatter than usual lol, xx
  • I'm glad Ive read this, I feel normal now! lol! Mine has been swollen for ages too, oh the joys!! x
  • Thank god for that!! I have had swelling in all my pregnances, it gets quite uncomfortable, to the point that sex is not good coz it's all be swollen sooo long before we even get started!!
  • Well I am so pleased I posted this, it has made me feel normal and by the the looks of things has made some other feel normal too image
    Thank you ladies for your help. Oh the joys of pregnancy image
  • Wouldn't know about being swollen on the inside, could have sealed up for all I know its been so long...Thank god we put in such a sterling effort to get lo in there in the first place!
    But the bony bit is swollen on one side and not the other, which looks just great!!
  • Well we definately wont win any awards for designer vaginas (sp) As long as they go back after birth ey!
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