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Period pains in early pregnancy

Hi, I have just found out that i am 6 weeks pregnant and i am having dull aching period pains is this normal? I had a miscarriage last year and had the similar pains. Am i worrying about nothing... Any advice will be helpful! :?


  • i had period pain to begin with its everything streching i think if ur worried tho call ur doc or early pg unit im sure its all normal tho xx
  • Thank you for your responses! I haven't seen my midwife yet am due to see her this week though. I just wanted peace of mind because i am worrying so much and convinced something will go wrong as i have pcos
  • hey laura try not to worry it all sound perfectly normal to me xxx
  • Hi Laura

    I also had a m/c last year and thought when I got pg this time I was going to have another one cos I started to get the same pains as last time (dull period pains). It's perfectly normal however and does not mean you are losing the lo so try to relax - hard I know. The first 12 weeks just dragged by but now I'm fine after the few early scares and am now 26+1!

    Good luck honxx
  • Thanks again. :0) is it ok to take paracetemol for the aches when ur pregnant? x
  • Hi everyone... Just to let you know that i made a docs appointment yesterday and was checked over! She scanned me just to make sure and everything is fine you could see" the little white blob" as she called it! I am very relieved and can't wait to reach 12 weeks. Thanks for all ur advice yesterday you really put my mind at ease and it is reassuring to know there are people out there like you! xxx
  • Aw - isn't it amazing the affection you can feel for a 'little white blob'?! Glad to hear everything's ok - you can rest easy for a while nowx
  • I am really worried im only about 5 wks pregnant an i also had a m/c 3 half years ago, i keep getting period pains an im really worried about m/c again iv not made an appointment for the docs yet as im so early.
  • I am getting AF type pains and am 4+4 today. My GP said not to worry about this unless the pain becomes severe or there is bleeding.
    I've booked an early scan for when I'm 8 weeks as don't think I'd be able to wait until 12 weeks to see my little bean! x
  • hi i am roughly 5 weeks pregnant and am having cramps like period pains, worrying about what happens if i blead etc.. i am due to see the midwife next thursday but allready worrying, any1 had simular experiences? thanks xXx
  • Ive had these and some brown discharge when i wipe. Im just praying all will be ok. im just 5 wks so cant scan me yet. Bkd a scan for 8 wks if everything is ok still then. xx
  • I am 15weeks pregnant and i had a operation about a week ago to remove a cist from my right ovarie and ive just started getting period pains.Should i be worried? Thanks x
  • Hi I am an expectant grandma,my daughter is 8 week pregnant and is experiencing period pains on and off I can't remember if this is normal because it's been 13 yrs since I had my son image
  • It is normal i have them off and on still. Only if they are severe or bleeding would you need to be checked out but she could speak to the early pregnancy unit. They may scan here to make sure x
  • Hi there, I found out yesterday I was pregnant, around 5 weeks and I have been having very sore legs and stabby pains in my tum just like what I would get before period. I'm very nervous about this but seeing the doc tommorow to get it confirmed
  • HI everyone I am 5 weeks today and woke this morning with period pains followed by a small amount of bleeding ? Is this normal ?
  • i am 5 weeks and a bit pregnant and ive had dull achy period pains too, i also had a miscarriage in januray so as well i am mega paranoid! just wanted to say thanks for putting this post! i feel a little at ease knowing its all normal! yesterday was weird though i got intense period pains for abour 2 minutes and then it stopped! i guess and hope its just my uterus stretching then! image glad everythings okay for you! xx
  • I've had similar aches and some light bleeding - I am 6 weeks today. I had an early internal where it was confirmed that the plug was intact and my yolk sac and pregnancy sac were both fine. I was really reassured and am treating the aches as a good sign that my body is readying itself for a little passenger! I have a scan booked for next wednesday at the EPU and am really hoping that we can see the baby - I know it might be too early. I would say just relax and try not to worry - as longas you are not bleeding heavily with the cramps I was assured that this is all quite normal.

  • Hiii everyone, i found out on monday that i was pregnant, around 6 to 8 weeks according to the nurse, due to having to go the walk in centre over bleeding and period like pains, however i was on the pil when i found out i ws pregnant so therefore havnt taken it since monday, however now i am gettin period like pains again, am so confused and scared, is this becasue i stoped taking the pill therefore my body may think it time for my period or somthing, please help me!! xx

  • hearing that has made me feel loads better im in exactly the same situation with the same worries im 5 weeks and having pains like period. i actually found eveyone to say its normal and also i find a hot camomile tea help my tummy x

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