Please forgive me if someone has already bought this subject up!!

Is anyone else suffering? I have constant wind but no poo!! Its getting me down. I feel so heavy!!

I'm only 6 weeks and I am hoping this preganancy symptom won't continue!!!

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Leanne ::\?


  • Hi there i am suffering from same problem and i am bout 6 n half wks!! so any advice would b greatly received!!
    sorry i aint no remidies!! how u doing?
  • hi iam still suffering and am 14 weeks i have peppermint cordial which helps with the wind but not found anything for the constipation yet but i do have ibs aswell which doesnt help.

    hope it clears up soon for you

  • I'm ok thanks and you??

    I am still in the very nervous stages as had mc last year. Got a scan on Tuesday - fingers crossed!
  • Hi there! Yeah i am ok, sickness as just kicked in. i dont no when my scan will b, got mw on 5th Feb so i will find out 4 definate how far on i am and hopefully get my date 4 scan!! carnt wait this is my 3rd!! got 2 girls so oh wants a boy, mind u wouldnt mind a boy we only av girls on myside of family!!

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  • This is my 1st and I would love a boy first. But have a feeling it's a girl - Overall I don't mind as long as its healthy but would like my little girl to have a big brother to look out for her!
    I have been feeling sick but haven't actually been sick - I have even tried to make myself feel better but no amount of fingers down the throat has helped!! Hoping it will ease or I can be sick soon.
    I am seeing the midwife at the end of Feb - coldn't book me an appointment till then but I have an early scan so will put my mind at rest.
    Have they given you an estimated due date?
  • haha yep i posted one a week or so ago headed BUNGED UP BOTH ENDS! it because of a surge testosterone apparently. i was trying everything, fruit water, fibre. in the end it was a combo of things that got me shifting. a glass of fresh orange, smaller but more frequent meals, with a full glass of water. if you take sugar in tea or coffee swap it for brown. if all else fails ring your GP and beg a bottle of lactolose. i feel your pain honey!!!!
  • i'm 13 weeks and 4 days and sooo constipated that I bleed when i do eventually go... its very painful and i'm always breaking wind i'm so imbarrest! I got some Fibergel and was wondering if they are okay to take during pregnancy? x
  • hello all!

    I suffered badly myself about 3 weeks ago and understand how uncomfortable it is!!

    try not to strain it not only is it really painful i was advised by my MW that it causes plies!

    The things that worked the best for me in the end after 4 days of suffering was drinking lots of water, going for a walk for about 30mins, eating fibre (brown bread toast with beans and chesse worked for me) and eating prunes ( hate them and put off eating them but i ensure you they work!) after a couple of days of the above I was in working order again.

    Good luck Girls x
  • ps having wind is completely normal time to get your OH`s back!!!!
  • I drink plenty of water and work as an adventure youth worker so get excerise I think my intake of fiber is just poor.. althought i have plenty of fruit and every everyday...

    have you seen that fiber thingy you put a spoon of it in a drink like sugar in tea and its ment to be like pure fiber just to top up your daily in take do you know if its safe?

    I watched that jamie Olivier thingy and am quite worried i'm not pooing enough!! I know my diet needs improvement really for a long term answer its just finding things that I like and can eat regular prunes make me think of slugs when I eat them and I heave and my eyes water and they just end up rolling around and around in my mouth and I cant swollen them! really makes it hard to try again! x

  • When i asked the chemists about trying anything they all said that they didnt recomend taking anything being that early on in pregnancy.i asked 3 different ones and none of them would give me anything

    i used to do the same with the prunes i used to just put one in my mouth close my eyes and chew!!!

    try not to worry about it too much as it is completely normal and just one of the lovely side effects of being pregnant!

    Maybe try and see if you can get an appointment at your docs or ring your MW x
  • Hi,
    Im currently 31+6, Ive had it on and off the whole time, all I can suggest is toasted current bread from cooplands, or special kay. Even robinsons barley water coridal helped
    both worked for me,
  • i know its disgusting but prune juice. just hold your nose and swollow.
  • i have suffered at different points throughout my pregnancy with constipation, and i have to say even if you dont like them, prunes are the best cure! luckily, i really like them so i wasnt too bad!! but get it sorted soon otherwise u might develop piles (sorry tmi!) and they aint nice!! lol!!!

    love grace and bump 29 weeks xxx
  • thanks girls! lol just had brown bread toast and baked beans for lunch should help a little will speak to doc i think just to be sure! x
  • hello, i am now 21 weeks but had it in my first semester. For some reason ice cream and coffee got mine moving the first time! I now have to have some form of fibre in my breakfast either branflakes or shreddies. So when I run out of them I no I wont be regualr until i go shopping!1 xxx
  • i got lactalose off my doctor which softens it up so its easier to go x
  • Oh girls I feel for you I really do, I had it really bad with my last pregnancy in the end I got piles and 9 months after having baby I still suffer and its veryu painful.
    I'm now 8 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I'm makin sure I dont go down the same road again, I eat a Weetabix every morning and drink planty water also as much as I hate prunes or prune juice I still drink a small amount a day.
    Hope this helps you all.
  • it must be love...

    You can take fybogel as it is totally natural and i have always had digestive probs and had been having fybogel for ages before and it says on the back of the packets that it is suitable for constipation during pregnancy and my doctor has also confirmed that for me.
  • I found going OTT on fruit juice helped me, especially pineapple juice... tho now i can't really drink much of the stuff without running to the loo afterwards! And lots of healthy things like beans, pulses and veg.

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