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Ok - we are all pregnant - so what happens next - i have just been told and am only 5 weeks - who do you see first and when can you have your first scan?


  • Congrats hun!!!

    Ok heres what ive had so far - i think all areas are different:-

    6 weeks - confirmed with doc
    8 weeks - app with nurse and doc to fill in forms for midwife and check all ok and confirm EDD
    10 weeks - 1st app with midwife and blood tests for HIV, iron levels etc
    12 weeks - 1st scan and app with scan midwife - blood tests for downs syndrome (results were back within a week)
    16 weeks - app with midwife - heard heartbeat (altho not all mw's do this at this stage)
    21 weeks - 2nd and final scan - app with midwife - heard heartbeat again
    Next app at 25/26 weeks and then monthly until about 30 weeks or thereafter where they become fortnightly.

    Good luck with everything!!!

    Anna (23+6)
  • Hello and welcome,
    im new to, only confirmed last week by doctor, iv got my date with midwife on 26th nov, so i guess everything will be explained to me then, it seems soo long to wait !
    Hope your feeling well?
    so far no symptoms for me exept sore boobs and hungry every 1/2 hrs, hope it stays like this :lol:


  • m & K - my boobs - ow ow ow ow - excessive tiredness - feeling slightly sicky after meal but nothing else. But the boobs!!!!!!!!

  • Hi summer,
    I have resorted to wearing my sports bra, and my boobs do feel better,more supported, i think mine have grown already,prob just my imagination but if they have they will be MASSIVE HOOTERS in no time :lol:
    So sorry u feel sicky after eating, i drink peppermint tea after my meals, it really helps, it is an aquired taste but i do now really enjoy it and so far iv had nothing like sicky feelings just a really strange watering mouth all the time,which is weird coz before i found out i was preg, my mouth was really dry all the time.
    i think we have alot to learn yet haha !
  • absolutely - i also feel really contented and happy - i feel fab even if i am sleeping 100 hours per day
  • Oh thats lovely,
    Im still in shock to b honest,i havent quite got my head round the fact that im pregnant neva mind that there will b a baby here !!
    Guess it will feel right soon enought tho :\)
    stay in touch, it will be nice to to have a buddie due the same time, im always available for a chat, take care x
  • M&K and Summer76 - try getting a big maternity or underwired bra to wear at night. My doc advised this at 8 weeks and ive worn it eversince. It helped me sleep better cos everytime i turned over i was in agony!! Doc also said its better if you are bigger busted like me as it can stop them sagging so much after the birth.

    Anna xx

  • thanks annemarie i will invest x
  • I'm being sick all the time at the moment, it's really annoying but getting used to feeling this way now! aahhhh

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