Low G.I meal Ideas please...

Hiya all,

seen Doctor yesterday and I am insulin resistant - didn't affect me in the first part of pregnancy because I had no appitite but starting to get it back - and baby is already a bit big at 20 weeks and 5 days! She told me to follow the G.I diet to ensure my weight stays stable so it doesn't increase to much haven't put any on since getting pregnant but wasn't a skinny mini to start with! I do have a G.I book...

but was just wondering if anyone has any Yummy ideas for some nice low G.I meals... and if really if anyone else is in the same place to get a little support? xxx image


  • Hi! I have a similar probelm in that I am diabetic and my body doesn't produce any insulin so I have to inject it but like you, during pregnancy, the placenta grows a resistance to this.
    Any meat, veg and salad doesn't produce sugar so won't require insulin so you can eat as much as this as you like. The problem lies with carbohydrates as these produce sugar requiring insulin for the body to break them down, so where possible, minimise your intake of these. If you do have a lot of carbohydrate with a meal, then any simple form of exercise, even just a 10 minute work will help break down the sugar. The most important thing is not to have too much sugar in your body as this will effect the baby and by sugar I don't just mean sugary sweets but carbahydrates as well (people assume its just sweets and chocolates!). You must have diet free drinks too and be careful with orange juice. Hope this is some help x
  • I did this for a wee while but can't remember any specific recipes. I joined Tesco diets, it was free, and they had fantastic GI diet plans. You chose your meals for teh week and it gave you a shopping list of everything you needed. Might be worth having a wee look. http://www.tescodiets.com/index.cfm?currpage=dietplans&subsection=dietintro&dietchoice=17&code=24030
    I do remember eating lots of veg, brown rice and sweet potatoes.
    Suz x
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