High Blood Pressure....

Hi, I'm just wondering what is considered as high blood pressure in pregnancy, like to a dangerous level. I had mines checked yesterday and it was 140/88 which the midwife said was a little higher than she would like so I've got to go back on Thursday and have it checked again. I've googled and from what I can see anything over 135/90 is high. What is everybody elses? Excuse my noesyness just trying not to worry over something I don't need to. Thanks xx


  • Oh I'm 35+5. Have a planned c section in 11 days due to previous issues in pregnancy xx
  • hi, generally the top number is concerned iwth too much, but more focus on thta bottom number, which is usually considered high when it hits the 90s, ur is on the high side at the mo, but its not actually high, iyswim? an average healthy bp is usually around 120/80, but really it depends on whats normal for u, if ur bp is usually below 75 then yes it is creeping up a bit, but if its normally 80+ anyway then its only a tiny bit raised, iyswim? try nopt to worry at the mo and jsut keep an eye out for headaches, dizzyness, distubred vision (flashing ebfore the eyes/stars etc) and any swelling. and try to rest as much as u can. take care xx
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