prima baby?? x

Hi ladies, i just wondered if any of you could tell me the date that prima baby and pregnancy comes into the shops? i seem to have been waiting ages for the feb issue.

thanks XxXxX


  • i think its early next week im not sure though. i signed up to have it delivered on here as its only ??3.95 every 3 months saves you loads
    claire x
  • Not sure on the Prima mags but my pregnancy is a good mag and its out now. You can get it if you order it online but I have seen it in WH Smith
  • Wow ??3.95 is well good for 3 months.. its like almost that for one copy i think, might sign up for that.

    GeorgieD - Iv dont think iv heard of my pregnancy, can you not get it in supermarkets? sorry for all the questions lol, but how much is it and is it out every month?

  • My prenancy is one copy every 6 months for ??4.99, it is packed with stuff and they say its the only pregnancy mag you need and one copy lasts for your pregnancy

  • I have signed up for the direct debit and don't have my copy yet. Getting very impatient!

    10+5 x
  • Im pretty sure its the 23rd of each month hun


  • I went to do the subscription and it said the next issue is march and its due 06/02 if that helps?
  • Well i think its 20-25th ish as when i was buying itlast few months thats when it seemed to be! x
  • okay thanks for your replies everyone, i seem to have been waiting ages for this months copy, i must have just got the last issue the day it cam out or i will def be buying the my pregnancy one now though.
    thanks again

  • hi there just wondering will the feb issue be march?hope that makes sense?does it coume out a month before if u get me?!just wondering as my birth story with grace is gonna be in march issue and i wanna get it! xxx
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