drop side cot beds?

I read somewhere its best to get a cot bed with sides that drop, easier on your back etc. Most i've looked at though have fixed sides. Wondering what everybody else has and how they find them? I'm ready to order my nursery stuff once i've found it!
24 weeks today!


  • Hello we really like a cot bed that has a drop down side in Mother care I did not know you could get some that did not srop down, have you tried to look in mother care hun?
    K xx
  • Hi, I had a dropside cotbed with my first son, and I don't think that I would've managed without the dropside - which is why it is a definate must have this time (should've kept it!).

    We've seen a few nice ones, but the best one was in a local store - but we found it cheaper on the internet (www.mosesandmillie.co.uk), although not sure of this company's reputation. We're looking at getting the Cosatto Hogarth cotbed. We;ve seen it in a store working lovely, but you have to check them all in the shop to figure out how well the sides drop down, and how difficult it is to do it one handed.

    I also found that having a cot with 3 height positions really helped me too - as last time i had an emergency c-section so having the cot quite high meant that I didn't constantly have to bend to put him in bed.

    Hope that helps.

  • Our cot bed has fixed sides but has 3 base positions so when the baby is small you could easily lift it in and out on the highest! Once ours gets more mobile we will lower the base and by then I imagine he will be putting his arms up to be lifted out anyway (I can't wait for that, gives me a warm funny feeling just thinking about it!).

    Bec 30+4 x
  • Ours are the same as goonie's - 3 base positions. I'm quite short so have it on the highest setting for when they are tiny. As soon as they can sit up then we will lower it to the next one and finally, when they can pull themselves up it will go on the lowest setting. I'm hoping that by the time it's on the lowest setting they will be standing up/struggling to escape anyway which should make lifting them up a lot easier.
  • We bought the Cosatto Hogarth cotbed and cabinet recently from Mothercare as it was in the sales and I am very pleased with it. It has a drop side which is very easy to do one handed and my dh was very pleased at how easy it was to put together! It also has the 3 height positions and looks lovely
    Claire x
  • thanks. i think i'll keep looking and get a dropside cot bed. I have looked at mothercare as their prices seem good but i'm looking for a white cotbed with matching changing unit and wardrobe - havent found what i'm looking for yet x
  • Kiddicare do a drop-wide white cot bed and matching changing unit but no wardrobe. It's the Baby Weavers Sophie range
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