Baby slings

One of the last things we need (I want!) to get is a baby sling.

I'm not overly keen on the clippy upright ones and want something more organic that has multiple carrying positions including one where the baby can lie flat from birth that will also allow me to breastfeed discreetly.

I like the look of the babasling but am worried about getting shoulder pain with it? I've also looked at the Tricotti sling which goes across both shoulders but can anyone recommend any others?

Bec 30+3 x


  • Hey Bec,
    Very impressed that it is one of the last things you need. We still don't even have a cot... Really should crack on!
    Anyway, we got a peanut shell sling from TKMaxx - reduced from ??40 to ??19.99 I have been playing with it with a cabbage patch kid in it to see how it sits and it seems quite flexible, but it is only one sided. They also had the baba slings reduced aswell.
    Happy shopping!
  • We have brought a baby bjorn, yes its upright but it is so easy to use and get baby in and out.

    My friend leant my sister a babasling and we had 5adults and a doll and still couldnt work it out! Even with a DVD instruction!
  • Thanks for the tip mrsrc, I might have a look in tk maxx before I order one.

    The babasling 'looks' so easy to use so maybe I will have to get one sooner rather than later so that I can practice! x
  • I got a babasling and so far it seems OK to use, but who knows what it'll be like with a real baby! the 'closer' ones look quite good as well, and seem to have a lot of options of how you carry the baby


    aileen xx
  • ive got the upright one and the babasling and i love the babasling,i think the upright one is more for outside use,i found the upright one not as comfortable as the babasling,ive been using the babasling a few times round the house and my little boy or little girl love been in there

  • Thanks girls, I think thats sold it to me! I've seen a lot of good reviews for it so I think I will order one this week. They seem a really fair price too compared to a lot of the others! x
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