Spotting at 6 weeks postnatal, please help x

Hi posted in other sections of the forum but have not had much response, I was hoping a second or plus time mum could help me? I am 6 weeks postnatal..

Has anyone experienced the type of loss I have? Im 21 and my second daughter was born 6 weeks ago, I bled heavily for 2 weeks and since then I have stopped and started. Ranging from slight fresh blood loss followed by unusual stringy discharge (stained brown to very very dark brown), to loosing a small amount of brown blood?. Again today I have a tiny amount of fresh blood.
I am extremely worried, I have had a scan and they said there doesn't appear to be anything left. PLUS I have had a swab and their is no infection present. I have severe concerns that something else is happening as I also have pain in the vaginal wall (which was present during pregnancy - but has gotten worse post natal). I was seen in emergency gynae by the on call doctor who couldn't see an obvious reason for the pain. She said my cervix looked 'normal'. I obviously have serious concerns. I just wondered if any mum has had a smiliar experience of this in any of their pregnancies?. I had a smear 2 years ago which came back normal and I have booked myself in for one tomorrow. I am full of worry. Please any help would be greatly appreciated..... xxx

update. the nurse was off sick so i couldnt have my smear... and the doctor did absolutely nothing to reassure me, still waiting on my referral to gynae... :cry:


  • after having my 2nd DD i only bled for 3wks after and for the most part that was brown and wierd and watery, but i was told it was just my hormones settling down and nothing to worry about.....hopefully this is the same in your case otherwise i'd have thought someone would have done something by now if it was any more serious tbh, so try to relax i know its not easy best of luck

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