Diagnosed with SPD!

After the nightmare of hospital yesterday when the doc said "you are not far enough into pregnancy to have SPD" I had routine appt with my midwife today. She read the notes, then had me laying in different positions and moved my legs about in different directions - ouch!

She then said - Yep, its SPD. Gave me a sheet with some exercises to do, gave me info on where to get a back support and told me to see doc to be referred to physio and to get a repeat prescription of codeine.

Now I have read the postings about SPD and am petrified as I know some of you are having a real nightmare with this so if you could possibly give me any advice I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks ladies,
Love Lee


  • *smiles* I'm at the severe end of pain i think as one of the girls i know wasn't diagnosed till 18 mths after her baby was born! 5 long hold of you pelvic flors and 5 short sharp tugs a few times a day as well as on the expell breath pull lower tummy in and hold while you breathe normally and do this 5 times and then do several times a day is supposed to help image be VERY happy if codiene works for you i have had 3 different types of pain killers and was put on anti-inflams which i'm not taking as scared it will affect baby's heart.... (have heart defects in family my middle sister died of it so not risking my baby so am enduring pain!) not even low dosage of ORAMORPH helped me image keep legs together when getting in and out of car sit on a carrier bag to make swinging motion while seated easier. ermmm sleep with pillow between knees. do EVERYTHING physio tells you and drink lots of water and breathe deep!
  • Thanks Debz, would a hot water bottle help? Where can I get a support belt? Have spoken to local pharmacist and he had never heard of SPD but is going to look into it for me.
    Sorry to hear how bad you've got it - does it not go away after you've had baby?
  • i will say i haven't tried that but only coz heat agrivates my body and i'm in enough pain i will have warm baths but it doesn't ease it i got my support from physio but you can buy supports from mother care if your smaller than me their largest just fitted me at a tight squeeze so i have to get mine from physio. West brom is further into her pregnancy and has SPD too she's lucky though as she has friends who will come and help her clean lol i have to pack as well as clean and yet none of my friends are ones that would offer to help me clean and stuff lol ahh well jeallousy streaking through hhahaha my worst time funnily enough is walking i'm not too bad up stairs although it hurts it doesn't hurt as bad as walking lol SPD is a regular thing on here but i have only met 1 person who has had it and it was fluke! other than that i know noone who has heard of it or had it.... if you read up on the net about it type SPD into google... it says it does go away although some ppl till suffer symptoms when they are due on so maybe it doesn't fully go away... but if you have it in one pregnancy its more than likely you'll get it in others.... on top of my SPD i have Sciatica lol to top it offf hahahahaaha roll on JUNE (please hurry hahahah)
  • hi Lee not butting in but crochetmum is right you will no more when you have seen phisio. The midwives are crap. I see a chiropractor becouse i have a twisted spine and sciatica too i use acold ice back as i have lots of inflamation so the heat was agrivating it she sugested i put ice pack on my pelvis but id like to know how youdo that i am not a contortionist!! I have a support belt but it just makes me want to pee all the time. Dont worry about it if you can yes it can be painfull but ive only got 3 weeks left now so you do get through it. However i think i might become celebate as if you get it with one pregnancy you are more than likely goingto get it with the next, but most of people spd disapears after baby is born. Oh yes and i wont take anything stronger than paracetamol either just to be on safe side x
  • Hello,

    my SPD has just been officially diagnosed this week and i'm almost 39 weeks.

    I have been struggling with support belts and codiene but find them a waste of time. Hot water bottle helps while its on but soon as you take it off the pains there.

    I take lotsa hot baths aswell when it gets to bad.

    I'm just petrified about the birth cos i cant get into a comfy position!

    Heather xxx
  • lol hey there heather your not the only one petrified i have a few more months of trying to work out about how to have baby comfortably and a lil more stressless than you! just think in about a week your suffering should be over (to a degree) i'll still be struggling come June lmao! if i dont' laugh i'll only cry!
  • Oh yes pelvic floor v important i sneezed in morrisons last week and wet myself!!!!!!!
  • i was diagnosed at 16 weeks and had been suffering for 5-6 weeks b4 that with the pelvic pain... wish i didn't have to do something that caused me pain but to go to work i need to walk loli can just about cope on hands and knnes and thats how i am trying to plan to do thwe housework later. DREADING IT! as i have to pack too image life certainly no bed of roses and certainly no fun with SPD!
  • Thanks you ever so much for the advise. The codeine seems to work for the aches I've been getting around my back and hips but not the actual groin area!
    I am off to the docs now to get referred for Physio so hopefully that will happen pretty soon.
  • Hi Lee, sorry to hear your suffering with this. Dont really have any advice, i dont have it but my pg friend does and she has been told to get some low heels as high or flats are bad for your pelvis! Hope you feel ok, let us know what physio says
  • I cant lie on my back, cant go on all fours and there is no way i could give birth how i gave birth last time which was on my side cos i just cant lift my legs at all. Anyone else no of any other positions i could try to give birth? xx
  • squat or leaning over bed?
  • dont think i could squat but leaning over the bed sounds promising! xx
  • lol been reading the books for ideas on giving birth and i'm struggling with my numerous health issues like knees back spd asthma lol i give up might just sit in car and do it that way hahaha
  • I already know am having c/section so at least I havent got to worry about that! Just been to docs who have given me Codeine Phosphate as a pain relief and done physio referral. She reckons it will be about 2 weeks hopefully. Also my chemist was really helpful - he looked through his book with me and let me chose the support belt that looked right so should have that by the middle of the week.
    Its the getting to sleep that have found to be a real problem - cannot get comfortable.
  • woohooo there may be a chance for me yet lol i always wanted a water birth as i love the water but with my asthma wasn't sure if i'd be allowed lol its funny i'm debating a c'esction because of the pain i'm in..... i was stood outside for 15 mins waiting to be picked up by OH and after 2 mins of stood the pain started and by 5 mins i was in agony and then i had another 10 mins of stood there crying in the cold wind stood on the side of a VERY busy road waiting with no where to sit down and in immense agony with back and every time i shifted to move pressure off back it hurt my groin support does not help when stood still helps sciatica whilst walking but thats it and even my support is getting a bit small now... luckily for me i have my second physio appt 2morrow and i really can't wait it kills walking and putting weight on my left leg image hopefully they can help me
  • Hi Lindsay,

    We dont have a birthing pool at our hospital unfortunatly cos i would love that. The MW Led unit does but i'm not allowed to go there as i am consultant led!

    Panicking now xx
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