Hi Mummies,
This post contains lots of ranting so beware. We have decided not to find out the sex of this baby as we wanted it to be a suprise, however now im finding that i cnt get organised with clothes and stuff because everything is colour co-ordinated. Iv bin shopping on numerous occassions and have seen some lovely outfits, but they are either pink or blue, ahhh! Any of the neutral stuff that seems to be around i just dnt like. Maybe im been fussy and abit choosy but i cnt understand why they cnt make the same outfits in pink, blue and a neutral colour, er hello not everyone finds out the sex of their baby! OH keeps telling me not to get stressed and just have a few bits in and then we can go shopping with our new bundle wen its born, but i feel like im been cheated of that shopping urge that all us mums-2-b get. I didnt have this problem last time because we found out the sex and now im beginning to wish we had found out this time round as well. Is anyone who has not found out the sex having the same problem, or am i just been fussy? Kerry xxx


  • that is one of the reasons we found out the sex! we got a few cream outfits but they all seem to look the same! all the cute outfits r like u say forclearly boy or girl! but u only need a few outfits to start with then u can go shopping straight away!! will be a nice suprise for u! ( i couldnt wait!!) princess and millie 20 + 3 xxx
  • Heya am having the exact same problem hunni. It sounds silly of me to be starting so early, but I lost my job and am getting bits each week lol.

    Asda have some nice neutral stuff only a few though and in there they mainly sell babygrows in neutral rather than clothes

    Woolworths has a nice range of neutral clothes too, but they are a bit more expensive for baby clothes than other places.

    Also Peacocks do really beautiful outfits in neutral and they are really cheap there - however it does depend on the size of the shop as to how many baby items they have in.

    I haven't really spent much time in there as ours is only tiny, but I know that Ethel Austin sometimes have neutral clothes in, but have been told it is luck as to time of year and suppliers there

    Luv steph xxx


  • Hiya
    No ur not being fussy, we decided not to find out sex of baby, but now its driving me mad , there isnt much choice of neutral clothes and it drives me mad when the boy and girl baby clothes are in the sale and the neutral are not lol. i have seen some nice lemon, mint and white outfits in mothercare. Donna 36+6 x
  • I'm having the opposite problem - just realised almost everything (except vests, hats, bootees and so on) is for a boy. Even some of his socks are blue! I have had 2 scans including a 4D so I know it's a boy but what happens if we have a girl one day?

    I think more clothes should be neutral really, after all only 50% of mums to be choose to find out the sex so you'd think there would be more choice. Like Zoey, I did see a lot of nice neutral clothes in Matalan a while back (we have some really cute bodysuits!) but not sure if they still do them. Tbh in matalan there was more neutral things than pink or blue, we had some cute cream cardigans as well. xxx


  • hi i know its so anoying, im not ment to be buying any baby clothes till may, promised oh, but so far ive not even seen many cute bits i want, looks like well just be getting a few bits till lo comes then going shoppin asap, was thinking that for lo to sleep in on a night it'll not matter if they're blue no matter what lo is cause it'll just be me an oh so poor lo might end up in creams or blue ill i get shopping if boy or girl,


  • Well thank god im not the only one. I no its not the end of the world it wud just be nice to be able to buy more than vests and babygrows. I suppose its a gud job we didnt find out the sex really coz otherwise id have spent a fortune, mind u i dug out all Rhys' old baby clothes and there was nothing neutral it was all lil boy things, so i guess if i end up having a boy we are all set, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • I agree - I'd love to find some nice bright orange stripey babygrows which would be great for boy or girl but all I can find is cream, beige and pastel neutrals which just aren't my cup of tea. I have heaps of white babygrows handed down from my big sis. If I have a girl I'm sorted because she had a girl and so she also has loads of girly stuff but if its a boy I'm relying on gifts and then a little shopping spree of my own.

    Trouble is I'm really fussy about baby clothes though. Both hubby and I like quite simple bold designs and I'm dreading gifts with fussy logos or cartoon characters.

    My sister has got me a nice little black and white outfit (mothercare) and I also found a little white romper with a suitably neutral green on it but other than that I think its a question of wait and see ...
  • We are struggling to decide if we are going to find out on the 21st may what we are having, I've got some cream and white and nice mint/lemon stuff from Adams.
    However if you like bold patterns blooming marvellous does some nice bright nimal print/spotty body and sleepsuits (which are in the sale now) and a lovely red fleece coat.. it's not much but they are really cheerful. The website is:


    Hope this helps xx
  • I actually found that the supermarkets were really good for some pretty nice neutral stuff, and I wouldnt worry, as soon as your baby comes along you will get given loads of pink/blue clothes anyway!
  • larawinsley there is a really cute t shirt or may have been a vest or baby grow i cant remember! but i remember it is white and just says on the front- yes i am a girl!! haha thought that was quite good!! its is in mothercare xx
  • Bit expensive, but if you want bright stripy baby stuff:
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