Early Scan

Afternoon Ladies,

I've got an early scan on Thursday, due to not knowing weather I'm 4 weeks or 10 weeks pregnat (because of spotting).

I was just wondering if I am only 4 weeks will anything show up on the scan.



  • Hi hun.. if you are only 4 weeks, they will need to use an internal scanner probe, rather than on your tummy. If you are 4 weeks, it will show the sac, but wont show a heartbeat till closer to 6 weeks, so dont let that panic you hun. If you are further on then you will see more... good luck for thursday.
    caz xx 26+4
  • Hey thanks for letting me know that I was thinking it would have to be an internal scan. I hope to god its not sore
  • no its not sore hun.. maybe bit achy n uncomfortable for few seconds, but not painful. Not as bad as a smear test anyway!
    I would have a full bladder when you go, cos they might scan tummy 1st incase you are further on... then they will prob ask you to go to the loo, so you have empty bladder for the internal. Thats just going of experience hun.. but everywhere is different.
    caz xx
  • If you're only 4 weeks you will see the egg sack but its probably too early to see the heartbeat yet. If you are only 4 weeks you may get a second early scan to checkfor a heartbeat a week later.
  • I know I won't be able to hear the heartbeat I'm just praying I'm more than 4 weeks coz that way I'll get to see my baby.
  • good luck with your scan,hope you get to see your baby and you are further then u think hun, let us know how it goes hun xxx


  • good luck xx
  • hi,

    i've had an internal scan previously - you're so focussed on what you see you wont really pay too much attention to the 'internal' aspect!!!

    You def dont need a full bladder for it. Hope it goes well.
  • im not geting my fisrt scan... the 12 week one onli geting one probs at 14 - 16 weeks if they dnt fob me off i better get my scan
  • hello annem1982
    just wondering what did you end up seeing at this scan????
  • Hi,

    I was just wondering how you thought there could be such a difference in your dates?

    I thought I was 11 wks but was told at my scan I was only 6 and that due to this my pregnancy was more than likely to mc as no heartbeat could be detected.. How did everything go? I'm back on the 31st.

    Emma x
  • well i could be anywhere between 5.5 weeks and 8.5 as my cycles are normaly about 45 days plus as you take it by the 1st day of your last period
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