yet more CC Q's!!

hi everybody. i don't need to tell you really as you mostly will know we've started doing controlled crying since last night. i've already asked a million questions about it but now we're putting it into practise i have more!!

firstly - i'm actually doing it right now as evie has a new trick, she'll fall asleep lovely in my arms and when i put her down in her cot... then as soon as i tiptoe out the bedroom door she screams. just got to 4mins and she seems to have stopped....therefore i don't need to go in again. god only know if she's actually asleep! i can't check without waking her. my question is, if she starts screaming again in say 10-15mins.... so i start from 1minute again?

secondly... if she's quiet, but not asleep (if i peeped through her door to check) do i need to do anything to get her to sleep?? or do i just leave her to it as long as she's quiet? just knowing evie she'll be up on hands and knees playing with the teddy bear.. should really take that out the cot lol.

ok it's been about 6mins now and she's still quiet - WOOP!!!!


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