Where is lo?

Hi all,
I've posted similar to this a while ago but its really stressing me out!! Can anyone feel the way baby is lying? I feel the kicks really low down which makes me think lo is head up (unless pf course they are punches, not kicks!) Mentioned to mw at last visit who wasn't unduly concerned but couldn't feel difference between head and bum.
But now bump has started to drop, I feel squishy at the top and bottom and solid round the middle of my bump, like if my imagination is allowed to run wild, lo is horizontal, whatever that is called. Because we don't get any more than 12 week scans, I'm really worried lo is going to be wrong way round and noone will notice till I've been in labour for 143 hours!
Can anyone feel which way lo is lying, not by the kicks but actually feel los head etc?

Mel x


  • how far gone r u?

    I wouldnt worry. my 2nd didnt turn the right way until about a week b4 i had him!

    the closer to the end of your pgy the easier it is to tell. And if baby isnt the right way round they can try to turn him/her. not many babies r born breach these days.


  • Hi Mel, how far gone are you? When I had my 28 weeks check last week the mw said that lo head was at the right but thats were I normally get loads of kicks! I know that I thought I was getting kicks really low down but they felt different to the other kicks and mw said these were punches and that lo must turn and move quite a lot.
    Tammi xxx
    28.3 weeks
  • hi hun,my lo is head down and has been since 28 wk check with mw but as for feeling myself i have no idea whats what so cnt really tell!i just get big kicks n squirms all over the place now!hanna 32 wks x
  • Hi girls, thanks for replying, have been at work all day with a seized up back and what feels like a tearing muscle across the front so having a great day!
    I'm 31+4 so plenty time for baby to turn, am just a bit perturbed by the solid middle bit and the squishy top and bottom bit! But hey, I guess if I didn't have baby stuff to stress about, I'd stress about my work and that is SO not worth it - roll on 25 April when I finish!
    Mel x
  • my lo is due in just under 3 weeks & he's always been head down image n i can actually feel where he's lying by pushing bump in different directions! but if i push him too hard or he doesn't want to move then i recieve a swift kick in the ribs image oh thinks this is quite funny coz u can actually see him kick now! lol


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