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Worried sick....!

long story short it took me and my hubby 2years to conceive. We had a private scan at 8w 5d and all was fine, saw heartbeat etc. Now I am 10w 4d and freaking out that something is wrong. My pregnancy symptoms are fading and I’m just petrified something has happened :-(


  • Hi 

    Symptoms can come and go especially now placenta is taking over. 

    I am feeling the same after a scan a week and half ago I felt fine now panicking again. Just had 12 week scan appointment but not till 17 th May when I'll be 13 weeks. Hubby suggested another private but think I would need one daily to be any help. I can say though that having had 2 mmc's when the symptoms were a strong for weeks after, symptom spotting just worries you unnecessarily.

    All we can do is wait and hope, as long as no bleeding or pain we just have to keep going. I know it's hard but here if you need to chat/rant. Xxx

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