X Factor..

Any1 else think X Factor is a fix this year? I think it's absolutely shocking!!
How can 2 of the strongest singers be in the bottom 2??? And how is Daniel and Rachel getting kept in??!
No1 i know likes Rachel, so who is voting for her?

I am sooo annoyed, it used to be a good show based on talent but now its all about the judges and who wins!!

Sharon x


  • i have to agree with you there!! i was really shocked and i think laura was too. get rid of rachael!!
  • Aww Diana is my fave, hope she gets better soon!!
    Altho her wee hand actions do annoy me lol, they need to cellotape her hand to her hip!! lol

    Sharon x

  • as i posted on the other thread dont get me started on this its a fix or something, people have been brainwashed or something wtf is going on, i am not voting anymore i vote for all the ones i like, and well they keep going and for some reason daniel and rachel are still there??? i am no longer voting because it obviously wont make an ounce of diffrence!!
  • I agree, im not voting either!

    I think it totally shocking and each week gets worse!

    Sharon x

  • what a load of rubbish it is this year! last night's episode was just such a load of crap.
    laura is awesome she actually has raw talent, watching daniel sing is like going to some bad kare-oke and seeing someones dad up there! he seems to be going more and more orange each week as well!
    rachel is pants, she's just way past it and should have gone long ago.

    i really dont understand it this year, cheryls category is the best, all her girls are awesome, i love diana and was gutted she couldnt sing last night but made up they still kept her in the show.
    if she goes before daniel or rachel then i am gonna be really mad!imageops:

  • Hi All
    Yes I agree I did not watch it last night in protest, found myself missing it though!! lol

    There were rumours on a couple of websites last week that Laura was actually picked before the auditions and is going out with one of the producers, so people were going to boycott her and not vote. Not sure how true it is but Leona Lewis last year apparently attended the brit school, yet The X Factor claimed to have found her!!!
    There is no need for underhand tactics and fixing as there are loads of talented people out there.
    Viki x
  • I agree with you guys..

    Laura is very talented and I hope she still gets somewhere with her career. I can't believe that awful Rachel is still there, and much as I like Daniel, I think he needs to go now because real talent is being missed out on...

    Wonder what the British public are on sometimes! Good job we're not voting for a new Prime Minister or goodness knows what we'd get!

  • i have to say i want diana to win out of who is left, and also i totally agree, did anyone see rachel last night being a total diva?...." im not going to do what danni tell me, im sick of everyone telling me what to do"...what the hell? she needs to realise how lucky she is to even be there and stop moaning about people who are TRYING to help her win, i mean what would she do if she did ever make it and her producers and managers are telling her what to do?? start crying and go on a strop because shes "sick of being told what to do"??? AARRGGGHHH! sorry ladies but it makes me so angry.



  • Ah i was annoyed last wk when austin went, thought he was great. But this week thought it couldnt get any worse, but how wrong was i? Was very pleased when Daniel was in the bottom 3, but when dermot said his name, i could have thrown the remote control at the tele- so annoyed!!! Dont like that Ruth that much, although she was good when she sang 2nd song last night, but not that great at Mariah!!!!
    And Rachel, what happened to her she was soooo good in the 1st audition, and is now just terrible! NOt surprised thats she supposedly sacked Danny though- think i would as well, cant stand her!! Arggh it makes me sooo mad! Its turning into too much of a popularity contest, not a talent show.
    I want Diana to win, if she can keep her hands down! LOL i laughed at that sellotape comment... Or JLS, i think their fab, best band xfactor ever had, and their quite cute image

  • I couldnt believe it when dermot called out rachel as the first one through to next week, she has got such a bad attitude i could slap her! But as if laura going wasnt bad enough then on strictly come dancing last night john sargent wasnt even in the bottom 2!!! I know he is entertaining to watch and very funny but its starting to get a bit ridiculous now, didnt mind heather going and if jodie kidd goes next week i dont mind if john stays in another week but if someone decent has to leave and he stays ill go mental image i think both shows must be rigged!!
  • i want ruth to win, i thought her performance sat was outstanding! i do love diana too and im sure she will win this.
  • Don't get me bloody started on this!! What a fix!! It has to be, 1st Austin went and now Laura!? What is going on? How is that gobby cow still in? Ok she has turned a new leaf but has anyone else thought to question why she only still has custody of 2 out of 5 children?!
    Its time Daniel gave up the sob story, what he fails to mention is that while he's now dead wife was pregnant with he's daughter he was with another women and she was also pregnant!? Failed to mention that bit!

    My oh is good friends with Shane Lynch (Boyzone) and i have personally requested he kicks Louie Walsh in the fruit and veg! Simon needs to sack the useless Irish twat!!

    Rant over with!

  • OMG, I officially HATE the X Factor!!!!!!!!

    How stupid!!!!!! I really dislike Daniel & Rachel, they can not sing therefore should not be in the competition!!! Rachel can't expect extra votes because she's "turned her life around", nobody else has had to do that, because they've always been Nice people, & never been in any trouble in the first place!!!

    How can Dannii Still have all three of hers left, when she had the weakest catogery to start with? I don't like her, she's so smug!!

    I hate louis now too! I used to like him, but when he gets the deciding vote, he ALWAYS send's the person home!! I think he sends the good people home to get rid of competition for JLS, but that's not how it should be!! It's a singing comp, the best singers have a right to stay!!

    I really do hate it!! It annoys me even thinking about it!!! I hope it's not the end of Laura!!!

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