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Hi Girls

I loved to this forum while pregnant and now that my baby is here, I love the baby forum too. While feeding by baby in the middle of the night it occurred to me that I could use this pregnancy forum to share some things that I wish I had known before the baby arrived.....

Firstly, while pregnant take the time to read up about how to care for a baby. I know it sounds obvious but when I was pregnant I was so caught up in the pregnacy that I didn't read any books on what to do once you have the baby at home. Parents, friends and professionals are a great source of advice but when its 3am and you have no idea why your little one is crying they all seam a million miles away!

Secondly be prepared to never get a straight answer or even the same answer twice. This drove me nuts at first! There I was asking all these, highly trained, health care professionals sensible questions to which I couldn't get an answer! The truth is there probably isn't a straight forward answer. Oh yeah and be prepared to hear the phase "all babies are different" so many times you will want to lump the next person that says it!

And finally the thing I wish I had bought...a rocking old fashioned rocking chair. My baby loves to be rocked, it calms her down and helps get her wind up. Lots of people buy swings but its more fun for you and baby if you rock together (especially to music!!!) I'm going to stick to manual rocking now but if I do it all over again the first thing I'm buying is a rocking chair.


  • thanks for your tips, what a good idea, more people should put up somethings like this as im always thinking of things that i want to ask a new mum but feel like i shouldnt crash the baby forum!
    thanks hezza, i think im gonna ask for a rocking chair now image
  • can i just say something too? when i was pregnant i wished it away so i could have my baby but i wish i had cherished it more! i too was proccupied with getting past 12 weeks then 20 weeks then 27 weeks etc but i never really enjoyed my pregnancy and my god will i do next time! get your sleep also you will need it!!!!!! xxx
  • Thanks girls, its great to hear your tips! I have been wishing away my pregnancy but guess i should be making he most of the special time with my hubby.

    I'm glad you think the rocking chair is a good idea hezza! We have ordered one as love the idea of it!!

    Thank you and congrats on your beautiful babies.

    Amy 28 weeks xx
  • I've been wishing mine away also as i'm struggling weith health image but there again i've join SMA who send you a free DVD on how to care for your newborn from day one! it was stuff i already knew but 10% was new information which was great! also brought my oh the haynes manual for babies and the baby owners manual too. hoping they'll be good sources of information for the two of us although he thinks he knows it all lol

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  • oh feel free to gate crash the baby forum, its not unusual to see qs posted by expectant mums! Afterall it makes perfect sense.

    Totally agree with Hayley about getting your sleep!! I've resorted to asking Santa (AKA other half) for 7 hours solid sleep!!

    BTW, I found the baby whisper book very good and i've heard good things about one called what to expect in the first year".

    Good Luck
  • Thanks so much for posting this. Last week, I went round to see my OH's aunt who has just given birth to a little boy. She gave him to me straight away to hold and gave me a bottle too so I could feed him which was sweet but I had no idea, I'd never held a baby before and was terrified I would drop him!! Then I accidentally let him suck air so he was sick on me image

    I'm halfway there but it's REALLY not sinking in that we're having a baby. I've taken your advice and read some bits about the first year already, in fact almost everything! But it seems like there's so much to remember! Don't do this, don't do that...arrrgh...I've had the same from family, and it's very annoying. I will be locking my doors when lo born to avoid the 'helpful' comments :lol:

    Also, 7 hours sleep! Eep! I can't function on that! This sounds really lazy but me and oh used to about 10, he works nights and I'm not working. Oh God I really am going to be a terrible mum!!!!

    19 weeks today x x x
  • Hi girls, heres some (hopefully) helpful advice!

    1. Yes bf can be amazing- but if you cant do it try not to beat yourself over it...if everyone could do it and it was the only thing your baby should have they wouldnt have invented formula.

    2. Rocking/bouncing chairs/play mats great for new borns when your preparing bottles etc.

    3. Try to read as much on actually bringing up and looking after baby- as already mentioned, i was so preoccupied with my pregnancy i kind of forgot i was going to have this tiny person to look after lol.

    4. Dont just buy newborn size babygrows/bodysuits get bigger, and if your oh says you wont need more than 5-6 baby grows just laugh at him and buy dbl that amount cos when you cant be bothered to do a load of washing they'll come in handy.

    5. Buy more nappies, cotton wool, wipes, nappy sacks than you think you'll need cos you will use them.

    6. Washable breast pads - at one point i was leaking like niagra falls.

    I could have written so much more but dont want to turn into one of those people giving too much 'hepful' advice, enjoy the rest of your pregnancies :\) Vicky and Joshua
  • Hi everyone,
    my biggest tipis to join all the mother and baby clubs you can. I joined Tesco, morrisons, boots, early learning centre and bounty. All give you free stuff and coupons for money off nappies, washing powder, wipes etc. I have only just used my last nappy coupon and LO is 22 weeks!!
    They also send you magazines and more coupons as your baby grows so it mounts up. Very handy when you on crappy maternity pay!!!
    Good Luck everyone. xx
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