Is this normal?

This is going to sound completely mad, but I feel like I'm revising for an exam image image I'm 38 wks now (our first) and it's like I'm cramming everything into these last weeks in preparation for the labour..... I've been pretty chilled out about the whole thing, not blase but I know the pain is productive and I know the pain will stop eventually.

Baby has been back-back and with me having SPD, I've been open minded about my pain relief options (though epidural is out due to GBS) but now I'm panicking pethidine if I take it is going to make me sick, drowsy and I won't remember anything to do with the birth but I feel trapped because I have Group B Strep I can't use the pool, so feel like my options are limited.....

Been reading about distraction techniques and now I'm like 'oh my god, I've not even thought about that!!!' like I've missed out a big chunk of revision. I'm just praying that my hubby has remembered the breathing exercises we were shown at antenatal class because I'm really worried once in the situation I'm going to panic and forget, which will make the whole thing worse....

Is this just a normal case of nerves because things are getting so close?


  • Oh god, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Having been laid-back so far (first 12 weeks excluded) I'm a bag of nerves lately and feel like I know nothing and shouldn't be allowed to have a baby!

    Think it might have been my post about distraction techniques and I'm really sorry if it worried you! I am one of those (probably very irritating) people who has to plan and organise and know as much as they can in order to keep anxiety at bay and feel on top of things. Thing is, it's NOT the case that I'm now prepared for anything: I am still totally in the dark because the experience of birth is different for every individual. I feel like the more I learn, the more I realise I don't know! It's stressful.

    I would say what you're feeling is nerves, and sooo natural.... but I know that probably won't make you feel any better about it (at least, it doesn't me!)

  • I'm totally with you !!!!
    Was thinking I'd got ages left and was soooo busy doing building on the house that when they said I was going to be induced next Tues I've gone into total panic. Am not mentally prepared and only just washed clothes & things.
    Not got breastfeeding nightie sorted and no idea what I'm wearing for the birth !
    My oh called me from work last week and said OMG we're going to have the baby soon and I was like I KNOW !!!!!!
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