had to go to a+e last night ,bleeding heavily

was awful,all day i have had period like pains,and we had been out for lunch with friends,when we got back at 6.30pm i felt blike i was passing a bubble in my underwear,there was so much blood,i just called out to OH that i needed to go to hospital now,we rang the early pregnancy unit which was shut which gave us gaenae number which was shut which gave us delivery suite,i spoke to nusre she said come in straight to a+e and a dr will be waitning for you,oh no!! i got there and reception knew nothing about it i had to wait 90 mins they said,i was so upset,i even texted my ex hubby whos a paramedic to ask if he had any ideas to get seen sooner,he never and still hasnt texted me back,i was eventually seen at 8pm,BP and obs done and had to give a wee sample,had to use a big jug as couldnt stop the bleeding.i was examined,then told that the speculum wasnt big enough for her to get a proper view,so she manually examined me,she said she thought my cervix was closed which was good,but i was bleeding a fair amount,it coulld be all over or could be nothing,she gave me an appointment for scan at 8am monday morning....im dreading it.when we got back home at 10pm i was still bleeding a little,woke up at 2am for a wee and havent bled then and none since,but still have period pain,i didnt sleep as ypu can imagine,and monday is going to be awful anyway as i have booked AL as going to OH nans funeral ,and we are menat to be leaving at 10am,information leasflet about EPU said it could take 2 hours to be seen,so OH very quiet last night,he doesnt know what to think or do.




  • Oh sweetie, how scary for you!

    Try to take comfort in the fact that your cervix is still closed, as that is a very good sign. Waiting for the scan will be the longest 24 hours in your life, so try and keep yourself busy (but remember to take it easy!) and distracted.

    I am sure you wont have to wait 2 hours, it seems like you will be the first person in the queue, so they wont have had time to have built up too much of a delay.

    Anyway good luck for tomorow, and I am so sorry to hear about your OH's Nan.

    take care.
  • Oh good luck for tomorrow. I hope everything is ok. The fact your servix is still closed is a good sign . I ope you can get through today without driving yourself crazy with worry. Will be thinking of you tom morning . Sending you sticky pma/ dust x
  • awwww poor u babe i had that simalar prob it is a VERY gud sighn that your cervix is closed i had it and baby was fine. Im now 30 weeks gone so be reasured that all bleeding doesnt mean the worst babe take care and let us know how u get on xx
  • hi hunny big hugs as the others have said your cervix is closed so its a very good sign take it easy today and remeber that period pain in early pregnancy is normal i still get it now and im 32 weeks. i was seen twice at the epu in early pregnancy and both times was there less than 20 mins so you shouldnt be there 2 hours. good luck for tommoro thinking of you
    claire x
  • hi sweetie just wanted to say good luck for tommorrow and like all the girls have said its a really good sign your cervix is closed!!!

    Wishing you all th best xxxxx
  • Good Luck for tomorrow hun, just try and keep yourself as relaxed as you can, I know thats difficult but just take it easy xxx
  • Goodluck for tomorrow hun, let us know how you get on! just take it easy. Its a good sign that your cervix is still shut. Hugs xxx

  • Goodluck sweetie hope everything is fine & its just little bean trying to freak you out! And as for the witing you have had to do its ridiculous i can't imagine how stressed you must have been.
  • I've had 2 bleeds so I know what its like, best wishes and good luck for tomorrow.

  • had another bleed while out in the car,home now and stopped bleeding after an hour but the pain is getting worse.

    fingers crossed


  • Hi clarehair have been thinking about you all morning and just wonderd how things are? Hope you are all well, sending love and hugs Hannah xx

  • Hi hun - thinking of you this morning. Hope the scan goes well and your little one is just trying to frighten you.
  • Really hope you and bub are OK hun



  • Hey sweetie, i hope your scan has gone alright and you and bubs are okay huge huggles for ya

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