Quick Q on Sure Start Maternity Grants...

As I'm 30 weeks preg I've sent off the application today. Just wondering how long it will take before I receive the money? I heard they have a back-log of forms so wanted to make sure it won't take months before they process my form.



  • hi when i applyed for mine it took them about five weeks xx
  • Thanks shaz, that doesn't sound too bad I suppose xx
  • hi i phoned them today as i sent mine 2 wks ago and hadnt heard anything and the ??500 was put in my account yesterday! im so chuffed as we didnt get it with our first baby x
  • what forms are you on about girlies and where can i get them?
  • You can download them from the dept of work and pensions website I'll look it up for you or your GP surgery or your local jobcentre will have them.
  • Here we are:


    At the bottom of the page is a link to download the application form for the grant.

    Luckily I did claim it for my 1st baby, but only just made it because she was almost 3 months old when I did. The goverment like to keep these freebies quiet and not like many people to know what they are entitiled to.
  • WOW you really are a yummy mummy haha!
    can i really claim for this even though we both work full time? ok i am taking a years maternity leave but im on no benefits can i claim for any? im so stupid with things like this
  • gempot

    if you both work full-time it is doubtful you would get it. just checked the site it says:-

    You must be receiving:

    Income Support
    income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
    Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family element
    extra Working Tax Credit relating to a disability, or
    Pension Credit.
  • Yeah i also read that but there was another bit on it that said or if you need help with buying things for your baby? surely we all need help with that haha!
    do you know of anything else i can apply for? surely there must be something i am entitled too? what is family credit or working tax thingy?
    im totally clueless
  • You should call the dept of work and pensions they'll tell you exactly what you're entitled to. Both me and my partner work and they give loads of support to working parents like child tax credits and paying for child care fees. we didn't think we were entitled to anything, but if you don't ask you don't get!!!!

    As we get the child tax credits, we are entitled to the grant of ??500 to buy baby things. So my advice is give them a call as soon as possible and tell them your situation.
  • hiya we didnt get it with our first because i was getting maternity pay and my oh was working. so its unlikely you will get the ??500 if your both working. but got it this time round as im at home lookin after ruby x
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