Hello Ladies,

I have been to see MW today for my final appointment, due date is Fri 30th, I asked her to do an internal and she said cervix is still quite thick but I am 50% effaced. Anyone know what this actually means in terms of when the baby might come??

She has arranged for a further sweep on Monday and I have already been given my appointment to go in to be induced. Ten days after my due date. I didn't realise it would all be so organised!!

Any help or advice very much appreciated!
C x


  • Effacement is the shortening, or thinning, of the cervix before or during early labour. Prior to effacement, the cervix is like a long bottleneck, usually about four centimeters in length. Throughout pregnancy, the cervix is tightly closed and protected by a plug of mucus. When the cervix effaces, the mucus plug is loosened and passes out of the vagina.

    hope this helps! :lol:
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