• Dont worry honey, some lovely bits there.

    Have you looked at pumpkin patch too? They have a sale on and I went in there and bought some winter clothes for next tp nothing. They have the sale online too.

    Im sooo bored today, cant wait to get home and get into bed.

    Georgie xx 20+3
  • Aww there is some lovely bits there! Have you seen the debenhams baby clothes in their sale? xx
  • Oh my god girls, don't tell me that, I am not in control right now, I have hubby's bank card sitting in my bag, this could be bad!!!!

    K XX
  • awww how cute are all those bits!! My mum found a couple of lovely dresses in a sale in Monsoon last week. There are sooo many pretty dresses around aren't there! x
  • Also if you do find anything i have two voucher codes.

    At the checkout put in these promotional codes:

    Discount: 20%
    Minimum Spend: ??0.00
    Promotional Code: PAPP

    Discount: FREE DELIVERY
    Minimum Spend: ??0.00
    Promotional Code: SHA1
  • Wow hun those bits are gorgeous and i might just have to order them for my little girl. Just started browsing the preg forum since having my little angel 8 weeks ago - no im not going to have another just yet but miss reading everyones posts!

    Hope your pregnancy is going well.

    Anna & Bethany (8 weeks) xx
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