what should I do?! Help please!

Hi mums and bumps
Well last night I had to go to hospital because when I went for a wee and wiped (tmi coming up!) there was a blob of mucus and pinky blood on the loo roll which was part of my plug. So I called the midwife, she said to call the hospital for more advice and they asked me to come in to be checked. So I got in and they were really really lovely, they saw me straight away and the midwife did an antenatal check, listened to baby which was fine, she took my bp which was a teeny bit high but no protein my my urine. Then a dr came and did an internal (most uncomfortable, undignified experience ever!) and said that I was 1-2cm dialated but that was because I'd had a baby before and she couldnt get her fingers any further up (nice) . So the registrar said I should stay in just incase but the dr said she was happy for me to go home as long as I came back if ANY thing happened and I took it easy. So I got home about 10pm, watched tv for a little bit and went to bed. Didnt sleep very well, was just really restless and then this morning I've been having really bad period type pains and lower back pain and I've lost a tiny bit more of the plug. Should I go back in? I really dont want to because I know their going to make me stay in and I hate hospitals but should is that me being selfish? what should I do?


  • How far gone are you now? I would give them a ring and see what they say. If they say they want to monitior you then it would be best to go in hun. Tammi xxx
    35 wks
  • have you called hosp carley? this is how my labour started last time and i think you need to get checked out just to be on the safe side at least call and speak to someone xxx
  • Hey Carly, definantly go back to the hosp. Dr said you could go home so long as you went back if anything happened. Well something has happened so you should definantly go back. I'm sure its all fine but best to get checked eh ? Let me know how you get on. S x
  • definitely ring them or go back, if it's nothing they will send you back home anyway, best to be safe, you are only 24 weeks and at this early stage if it is something they may be able to stop or slow things.

    Em x
  • well just called the hospital. The pains have subsided a bit now but they still want me to go in and be checked so just waiting for husband to get home.
  • hope everythings ok when you get the hospital. keep us updated, your def doing right thing by going back in!
  • Hope everything is going ok!!
    Lydia xx
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