Hi all, i was just wondering whether anyone had had the experience of a natural birth after having two c sections??

My first was an emergency and the second was because i wasn't dialating...so they said. I wasn't happy about having the second one...but as they do they talked me into it instead of just leaving me to progress ! I feel like i have missed out on bringing my children into the world on my own and would love the chance of a natural birth this time......is it possible ?????




  • I'm not an expert (this is my first!) but I have heard that after 2 c-sections you won't be able to have a natural delivery. Don't hold me to it though, ask your midwife! I hope everything goes well and you have the birth u want this time. xxxx
  • Thanks Tiger Lily i did ask the doctor and she said no too..boo hoo

    Thanks again

  • I'm in the same boat. 1st was emergency section and second wasnt an emergency but was unplanned and due to lack of progress even although baby was 6 days late. MW said too dangerous to allow womb to contract in case of rupture so I'm booked in for section 3 on 2nd Nov.
  • ahh thats really sad, whos body is it? whos baby is it? YOURS! you should be the one deciding how your going to give birth.
    I had a section 2 years ago due to my daughter being breech, and my second is due in 52 days! and im determinded to at least try for a VBAC, i have had great support from my midwife and antinatal teacher.
    Obviously if there was a situation where my baby or myself where in danger then i would opt for another section, but i think if you are progressing well and coping and the babys heartbeat is fine, then why should they make you have a section. you have to be firm. i have some names of websites that have great info on VBACS if your interested. good luck! x
  • Thanks people...megansmummy yeah would love to have those websites please. I know for a fact you definately can have a normal birth after only one c setion !! As my doc said that that wouldn't of been a problem. Good luck and best wishes xx
  • I agree with you megans mum but only 2 an extent. Where my safety and the safety of my unborn baby are concerned I deffy take medical experts advice. I did try for vbac on no 2 but not possible and this time I've been told that my scar tissue is an issue therefore they do not deem it safe for me to go in to labour as I have a high risk of rupture. Everyone is different and each case is different. It is my baby and my body but I'd rather make sure that baby no 3 arrives safely and without too much trauma, afterall, i have oh and 2 other kids to think about too and I think I'd be silly to push for vbac this time. I have done loads of research on vbac too and it is possible - even after 3 or 4 sections as I found 1 woman in America had. If I was advised it was safe for me I deffy would have went for it.
  • yes but if you read the articles they say that it is rare, and of course im not going to jepordise the welbeing of my child but with all the down sides of a section it would be gr8 if i could have natural.

    section means i cant drive for 5 weeks and i have two other children to get to school !!! i cant sleep properly without hurting everytime i turn over and not to mention that the spinal block makes my sciatica worse !! oh and the high risk of infection these days too especially MRSA !!!

    god it sound awful......
  • its the individuals choice at the end of the day, i just dont like the idea of the proffessionals pushing you into a birth you dont want. i wish you all a happy and positive experiance.
    I will pop back later with those address. x
  • hi, as promised:

    hope they help x
  • thnx sooo much megansmummy all the very best !!!

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