Where does your baby kick?

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to think my baby may hve turned!!

I am now getting kicks on my left side and can feel something pushing against my left hip bone and then either a head or a botttom sticks out at the top of my bump on the right hand side.

Just wondered where you guys are being kicked and if you know if your baby is head down or breech.

Thank you,


36+5 xxxxxxxxxx


  • I'm 27+2 so the movements are prob a bit different to yours, I know he is head down from my 4d scan and I doubt he's still turning around as my bump is huge lol.
    I guessed it though as I felt the kicks up by my ribs. My placenta is anterior so I don't see as much movement as others but can definitely see the little jerks from his feet. I do feel movement lower down, but it's not visible on the surface, it's like jabs to the cervix! (PAINFUL!!) I think that could be his little fists.
    Its quite possible your lo has turned!! Does your bump feel any different, has it changed positions? Mine is bigger at the bottom and very low...My mum told me I was breech until about 34 weeks and she saw me turning, said it was the weirdest thing ever! xxx
  • im 27+4 and also have anterior placenta, im feeling kicks at the sides and some trampolining lower down!
    ur a few wks further on so babe could have turned image
  • Hi hun, I'm now at 38 weeks and I still get a lot of kicks in odd places - sometimes I just can't figure out how a hand, foot or elbow can stick out at such an odd angle!!

    But I know for sure that baby is head down so if I try to describe it you can compare it to what you're now getting. Most of the time he likes to stick his bottom out at the top of my bump, right hand side. I get a few punches low down on my left hand side and still a few really low down right between my legs. It sounds quite similar doesn't it?

    Fingers crossed she may have turned hun although I know that having mentally prepared yourself for a section that it would be hard to re-adjust to a normal labour. Keep us updated :\) xx
  • Hi,

    I'm 31+1 & also have an anterior placenta so i'm mainly feeling movement as opposed to kicks. I can feel the baby pushing on my ribs on the right hand side of my body, it's as though he/she is pushing up & banging the life out of my ribs they are so painful!
    Very bizarre but lovely xx
  • I'm feeling kicks and punches from all different directions at the same time - it's like theres an octopus inside there lol. Also, when the baby turns over (does a somersault) my stomach goes all hard and it feels really weird and makes me feel a bit sicky. Don't like it when the baby does that!
  • hi,
    I am 33 weeks today, when Lo does somersaults I feel abit sickly. I get the kicks either side of my tummy, and again I wounder how this feet or hands or joints can stick out at that angle. If I do something he doesnt like such as movement quickly, he gives me it with both feet. The other day he headbutted my bladder!!!!!!
  • oh that's the worst - headbutting!! Also when lo stretches out legs and digs them into my ribs!! Ouch!
  • Thank you for your replies girls!
    I think I have one strange baby in there then!
    I'll find out at my scan on Wednesday but i'm just so impatient! xxxxxx
  • My baby is head down and I feel it punching just above my hips! Was quite weird at first. Kicks can be under ribs or near top of bump.

    34 + 3
  • im 29wk+1 i get punches down below near where the head is cos hes head down has been for few weeks and kicks right up the top of my bump.
    abbie,hope+bluebump 29wk+1
  • Am 35wks+2 and my baby has just turned head down and hopefully is stuck down there now. I find that i feel most of the kicks on the right side near my ribs but i do know that my baby's back is against my back so its not going to be an easy labour for me. If you can feel a large bulge at the top of your bump then that will more than likely be your baby's bum.
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