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Molly Elizabeth born 27th Sept - birth story & pics

Evening girls, so i am writing this while nursing my not so little Molly!

Well where do i start.....

On Friday 26th Sept, the day i thought i was due until an early scan dated me due on the 29th, i woke up to a pain in my lower back that didn't last long. I just got on with the day and the pains came every 10 mins but weren't too bad. Anyway throughout the day they got more regular and intense. I called Morgan to come home but he was in a meeting so didn't get him to come home til lunch time. He went and got a Subway sandwich for us and came home. I went upstairs and tried to have a nap but was woken up to these pains. I felt like i was just constipated but remembered the same feeling with Zach. He was posterior (back to back) and Molly kept changing back and fore so it was becoming more real that i was actually in labour, eek!

I preferred to deal with the pains on my own, so chilled upstairs while Morgan phoned my mum to collect Zach (and played the xbox, lol). Zach went to his grandparents about 5pm and i watched tv between contractions. After an hour of them being 5-7 mins apart i phoned the Midwife Unit and they told me to stay at home as i was in early stages. Then phoned back about 7:30pm to say they were spot on 5 mins apart but still was told it was best to stay at home. Then 11:10pm i was totally loosing the plot and they were 2-3 mins apart! I was climbing the walls. Finally they said to come in! It was a nightmare car journey but got to the hospital at 11:45pm. An old man was on reception and he took ages and asked lots of annoying questions while i tried to hold back my painful contractions.

I was finally taken through to Labour Ward, i was meant to be in Midwife Unit but the head midwife that night wouldn't take me because of previous section. Anyway it didn't really matter. The midwife went through heaps of paperwork. I was hooked up to monitor to check Molly but was still able to walk around. Also put my TENS machine on at this point. Felt in control and ready for the task ahead. The midwife felt my bump and said baby was back to back, grrrr. Then she did an internal and said i was shockingly already 8-9cm dilated with no pain relief!!!!! She also could feel her head facing the wrong way and even more upsetting she thought she could feel the placenta!!!! This would mean straight to theatre for a c-section, noooooo! A male doctor came in to check for her, i wasn't too happy but went with it, he said it wasn't the placenta, thank goodness, he was really rough (on purpose) so my waters broke! After that i had the sudden urge to push!!! Oh my the contractions were really bad now so got gas and air. I pushed with every contraction and felt totally out of control. I found changing position helped and shouting/swearing, lol! I pushed like this for 2 hours and then one midwife thought she saw the head, still not sure if she did but Molly was defo on her way, she was right down in the pelvis. The doctor came back and noticed that Molly had pooed inside, she was also stuck and was in distress so yet again i was prepped for a c-section. On the way to the theatre i had lots of big pushes and really painful contractions with all my pain relief taken away. Got into theatre and was given a spinal tap which had to be done between 3 contraction and pushes. The doctor gave me another internal and said that baby had turned into the correct position but the head was large but he may be able to reach her with forceps! Anything to avoid a section so a VBAC was back on the cards. I had to push with all my strength but because i had a spinal i couldn't feel contractions so midwife would shout out push when the chart showed a contraction and boy did i push!!! He had to cut me for the forceps but 4 big pushes later and the assistance of the forceps Molly's head had crowned. Morgan had a quick look and then another huge push later she was delivered onto my chest at 4:22am on the 27th Sept!!!! I was in total love and emotional! She cried but then choked so Morgan quickly cut the cord, yay and she was seen too and weighed. I couldn't believe it when they said she was 10lbs 14ozs!!!! No wonder she needed a little help to get out!

Morgan held her while i was seen too. I delivered the placenta and got lots of stitches. It went a bit crap after that as my uterus wouldn't contract so i lost a lot of blood and nearly needed a transfusion but the 2 doctors took it in turns to massage my belly and get it to contract. i had a number of injections to help as well. Finally i was taken though to recovery, i breastfed Molly and chilled out. Morgan headed off home and i enjoyed my time with Molly.

So anyway i stayed in a night and am now home but in quite a bit of pain down below. Just taking it easy and Zach is in very much love with his little sister!

Most of it is a blur so have probably missed out important info but that will do just now.

Molly is down to 10lbs 2ozs but is breastfeeding well and we are so in love with her! She is also a centimetre smaller than Zach at 53cm.


I can't get photobucket to work at the mo so here is a link to facebook for pics......


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  • Oh thats lovely, Im glad she came along without a c-section in the end! The pics are lovely, and well done on having such a large baby - what a big girl?! She's gorgeous though!

  • Ouch!

    She is absolutely gorgeous - congratulations. You have 2 very beautiful children.
  • She is beautiful, congratulations and well done, you are very inspiring!
  • OMG! Shes totally gorg!! Cant believe shes here, ur soo lucky!
    Im loving her wee chubby cheeks, shes perfect! Zach and daddy look sooo chuffed in piccies.
    Take Care,
    Sharon xxx

  • congratulations and well done , thats amazing you managed a vbac given her size and with hardly any pain relief .... gonna look at pics now x x
  • Congratulations... and welcome little Molly!!

    She's beautiful!!

    Lydia xx
  • Huge congratulations hun and welcome baby Molly. So pleased for you that you got your VBAC x
  • Well done Emma and Congrats. Am sooooooooooooo impressed you got 8-9cm with no pain relief! Good on you!! Welcome to Molly as well. So happy you got the VBAC you wanted as well.

    Congrats again babe.


  • ah she's gorgeous - well done you! x
  • You know what this has made me so determined to go for a VBAC next time round. My son was 9lb 1oz and I had a c/s so naturally if I have another I am worried about the size but if you can have a VBAC with a 10lb 14oz - well bloody done - so can I!!!

    Congratulations on your gorgeous daughter x
  • Well done to you. She is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are both keeping well & Zach is enjoying being a big brother. Take it easy (when you get a minute!!!) & remember to look after yourself too

    Hilary x
  • Well done on your VBAC- v impressive!! Big congratulations to you both, and a big welcome to Molly. Both your children are so cute! xx
  • Congratulations hunni, she is such a cutie!!! :\)

    Suzi 18+5 xx
  • awww she is gorgeous babe and what a weight they say my little one is going to be around that weight if he is born on time x
  • Aww! she's lovely. I especially like the pics of her with Zach. They look so cute together!

  • Aww congratulations, she is beautiful, well done. :\)
  • Aww congratulations, she is beautiful, well done. :\)
  • OMG I have been watching out for the posts since you wrote the one about not knowing if it was it or not! She is adorable! Congratulations to you both and Zach!

    All the best

  • look fantastic! Would never had known you had just been through what you went through!
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