From TTC - just a quick question please

hi all
I just want your honest opinion as i'm getting my hopes up.
AF due tomorrow, 11DPO today and tested and got BFN. I have quite a few symptons but as we all know our body tricks us.
The two things that are differnet for me are:
I feel sick but not like I can be sick, bit like a hangover feeling which I can only stop by drinking summerfruit squash or eating(!) and usually my toilet habits are 2-3 days but for the last 5 days its been every day but I have heard you get constipated when PG?
I am peeing a lot but then i'm drinking loads too.
Did anyone feel like this - I know it's stil too early and i'm not out yet as she hasn't arrived but I really don't want to get my hopes up for no reason!
Thanks ladies


  • Thanks Moony, appreciate your honesty. She didn't arrive this morning so i'm not out but just going to wait and see.
    Thanks again.x
  • It's so hard to say as it is different for everybody and sometimes the body can play tricks on you. My experience was this. I tested on 10DPO and got a negative. I didn't have any symptoms that early and didn't test again until 16DPO (although like you I usually had a 12 day LP) and got my BFP! However, I had been spotting since 13 DPO so thought AF was on her way hence why I didn't do another test until 16DPO.

    I didn't start to feel sick until I was 6 weeks, but then it was like you say nauseous / hungover type feeling and eating helped to calm it. And re going to the loo, I have not been constipated at all since being pg, more the other way, and I'm now 27+5 and am still like this.

    So not very conclusive I'm afraid, but I'm keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks moomin. This is helpful.. Deep down I know 12DPO is quite early but doesn't stop me testing! If someone asked me how I feel I would say PG but then again I know when you want something so bad you can start to get phantom symptons so who knows. Like you say re sickness and loo business, i'm the same as you were but it's awfully earlier for me to be getting that.
    Thanks for your reply moomin, much apprecited.
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