When did everyone start to show?

I am 14 weeks and wondered when you guys started to show. It is my first pregnancy and think I have got a bump but may just be too much food! Also how much weight had you put on at this stage? Thanks xx


  • hia hun,i started showing really early on this time n was in maternity clothes by 3 mths!but it is my 3rd pregnancy.I was probably about 16 wks with my 1st pregnancy when i started to show.i felt my 1st movements at 15 wks this time too.Think i was 18 weeks with my 1st pregnancy.Not sure how much weight id put on when i was your stage but im now 32 wks n have put 2 stone on!lv hanna x
  • This is my 1st and I started to show around 13/14 weeks I think- at least I got a bump then but it was quite a while longer till you could see anything through my clothes, about 17 weeks I guess. Don't know about weight as I don't have scales at home!
  • hiya

    I'm 20+3 and barely showing yet! Just looks like I've got a bit of a big tum on me, put on about 3-4 pounds so far, after loosing weight through sickness.

    Everyone is different though!

    Corinna x
  • I was in maternity trousers at 14 weeks, but it was more for comfort as I had become quite solid. But it didn't take long then for me to start bursting out. Saying that, bump is quite contained at the front and only today I thought maybe I was starting to put a little weight on my face.

    Mel x31+4
  • Hi this is my first and I seemed to suddenly get a bump at about 21 weeks. we took a pic at 19 and 21 weeks and the differance is incredable!!! I last weight myself at 21+3 and had put on 6lbs but didnt put any on till about 15/16 weeks. I haven't had any nausea or sickness which can make a diff to weight gain. xxx
  • I started to show at about 3 1/2 months and have grown ever since. The midwife has told me the baby is big and I look like I've swallowed a beach ball! I still have a few months to go so I don't think I'll fit through doors in a few weeks!
  • i'm 12 +1 and apparantly i have a bump. everyone is telling me its a bump and when i look in mirror it looks like a bump, yet when i look down i see fat lol xxxx
  • im 21+6 and only just started looking pregnant. im still in some of my normal size 8 pants but are defo getting to tight and uncomfortable so im going to treat myself to some maternity ones this weekend! i lost over a stone due to sickness and im struggling to put it back on as my appetite has become so poor. cant wait to have a nice big round belly though!!
    i think the worst thing about being small/big is other peoples comments, they can really give you a complex but i posted a simlar thread to this a while back and hearing how diffrent everyone is really eased my mind
  • i started at about 12 weeks but most of that was down to bloating as in the morning there was nothing there! from 16 weeks i had a proper bump and is weird cos when i wake up my stomach is as flat as anything and then i move my hand down lower and there is a huge hard bump at the bottom sticking out! so its def there now! plus i have only just started putting on weight now too. i'm 19 weeks on friday xx
  • Hi,
    This is my 3rd and I've been in maternity clothes since about 11 weeks. I've just gone back to work after 10 days holiday and everyone is commenting on my bump (i'm only 13 weeks!!). In fact my boss asked me if I'd possibly got my dates wrong!!
    Lydia xx
  • about 22 weeks ish actually. actually, some people dont even bloody notice now!! seriously!!! are they blind?!??! im huge!!! lol!!

    grace and bump 39 + 4 xx
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