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I've just heard from my SIL - who had a baby in September - that you're not meant to use Cot Bumpers in the cot until the baby is a year old, I was just wondering if this is true?

Thanks x


  • gatecrashing here,i too had a baby in september however on the bumper that come with my cot bedding it said can only be used up until the baby can sit unaided,then has to be removed?so roughly removed around the age of 6/7 months?
  • I've heard that they are one of the things best avoided because of SIDs - but also that you shouldn't use them once the baby can sit up.

    This was from stuff I read over two years ago though - so a) I could be misremembering and b) it could have all changed!!

    (I've not looked into it this time as I just wasn't going to use them)
  • On the label of my cot bumper it said to only use it til baby was 6 months or sits unaided. It's a mothercare one.
  • There is a lot of conflicting advice on cot bumpers tbh. You shouldn't use them once baby starts moving around/rolling over/sitting up/pulling themselves up/before a year old etc etc.
    The reason for not using them when baby is rolling would be because they could get their head stuck under it and suffocate.
    The reason for when they are pulling themselves up and standing is because they could use the bumper to help them to climb out of the cot.
    At my work (a baby shop) we advise customers that bumpers are for decoration only and advise to remove them when baby is between 3 and 6 months old.
    HTH a bit!
  • That's great, thanks! The advice makes sense so I think we will only use ours for a bit x
  • I read all the advice before my son was born and felt really confused as some say don't us other say use until etc.

    We have one and my son has been in his cot with it since he was 5 1/2 months and still has it at 14 months.

    What we did was place half the bumper into the mattress (if a snug fit) so that it can not be moved and he could not get his head under it also he can not use it to climb as when he stand / pulls on it the bumper just squashes down.

    I think use your common sense as we did and just see how your lo takes to it.

  • I didn;t use any until Neve was about 6-7 months old and then had to put them lengthways along each side of the cot because she constantly got her arms and legs stuck in the cot bars in her sleep!
  • at antenatal classes they said that we shouldnt use bmpers with a newborn as they could get their head stuck underneath and suffocate. we're going to use the moses basket for 6mths anyway and just put the basket int he cot during the day, so shouldnt be a problem
  • We didn't use one at all with DD and probably won't with this baby, but you can get breathable bumpers that would stop a baby getting limbs caught in cot bars bit if their face gets pressed up against it somehow they can still breathe through it. I saw them in JoJo Maman Bebe:
  • I used mine until my ds started sitting up, rolling and pulling himself up!
    the information can be so conflicting but you will soon know when yours needs removing! xx
  • I have a bumper but I've put it on the outside of the cot - that way it looks just as nice but there's no suffocation risk.

    MW said that she'd never heard of a bub hurting themselves on the bars anyhow...
  • we use ours as we have a cotbed and LO is no where near it!

    they say not to use it as it can be pulled down and suffocate baby, if LO could reach round to the outside of the cot and undo all my knots i would be very impressed!!

    saying that when bubs can pull himself up i will probably remove it x

    becca and jacob
    12 weeks 5 days old
  • Haiden is 8 months today and I only got one for her to stop her dummy keep falling out of the cot

    I like the idea of tying it to the outside, might do that! x
  • just came on to see what latest advice was and real used how conflicting it is! I use one   And plan on continuing for a while yet. my youngest daughter is now 11 months old and she's had two bumpers on her cot since 6 months old. She was getting feet through bars, turning them and not being able to pull them back, therefore getting herself really distressed!

    My experience with my eldest three is that they never used them to climb out of the cot ... although I had one monkey lol who could climb out of anything anyway, and it was not unusual to come into his room when he was about 18-24 months to find him on top of his wardrobe! we never figured out how he got up there, but did excel at gymnastics (and sports generally) when he was older lol!

    Tahira (mum of 33 yr old, 32 yr old, 30 yr old and 11 month old + 9 grand kids!!!)

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