My Scan - with pics updated

Hi girls

Still at my in laws but just wanted to post this and also just saw Newlooks post so thanks for that image

Everything went great. The nurse said it was being a naughty baby as it kept curling over and also when they went to take the picture it put it's hands up to it's face so we never got a very clear picture though we are still over the moon everything is ok.

The nurse said it has a good strong heart beat 167 bpm and it was 62 mm crown to rump and the NT scan was 1.80 so I think that is a low risk, I had the bloods done afterwards so I should hear back soon.

Will post the scan pictures later this evening when I get home.

K xx a very excited mummy



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  • Great news, cant wait to see the pics

  • Thats great news. Heart beat was measured as exactly the same as my little Blob. I think I'm having a girl. Maybe you'll have a little girl too. HEHE

    Congratulations again

    Love and hugs

    Clare & Blob
  • fantastic !!! it's lovely to hear it went well even if baby was naughty!!xxxxxx
    can't wait to see the pics!!xxx
    carly 28+1
  • I know we've txted but just wanted to say "yay!!" Will email tomorrow.
    hugs x
  • so glad everything went well hun xxx
  • Brilliant news really glad it all went well xx
  • I'm really happy for you that it all went well! Looking forward to seeing pics xxx

    Cat 12+4
  • Hi hun

    Really glad it went ok - can't wait to see your pics!!!!!! xxxxxxx


    11 weeks
  • Ah fab news!! Huge conrgats flower! Am chuffed to bits for you xxx
  • Fab news hun. Hope you have put it on facebook now!! xx
  • Thanks girls yes I have put it on Facebook now it feels soooo nice. When and bought baby an outfit and also some new mat work clothes. I look so pregnant in then it's great image Just scanning pictures so will have them up here soon

    K xx
  • Thats great news K-Lou, delighted for you. 6 days til mine, I cant wait!!!
    Lisa xxx
  • Hey K-Lou

    Thats great news, am so pleased for you. Cant wait to see pictures!!!
    Lisa x x
  • really glad it went well hun. xxx
  • aaaaw look at its tiny feet / legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so cute!

    congrats hon - can't tell you how pleased I am for you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I can't see your pics at work Karen but am so so pleased it went well for you! Lovely to buy their first outfit isn't it, congratulations to you both xx
  • Hi hon,

    Your pics are great, so glad all went well. It makes it real when you start buying things too. My little bean was upside down with bottom in the air at our 12 week scan! OH said " just like mummy lol" image


    Sazzle xx
  • So glad it went well hun and the pics are really cute XX
  • Thank you, at first I could not make the pictures out at all but the more you look at them the more you can see.

    I was really worried about the baby being curled up I was worried there was something wrong with the spine but they would have said something to me right if they could see a problem?

    K xx
    13 weeks today
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