Waters broke 17hrs ago, but still no contractions

I got a bit of a surprise at 3am this morning when ny waters broke, as i am not due for another week. However, nothing else is happenning so far, i've been monitored and was told to come back in 4 hrs to be monitored again, and if things don't get moving, i'll be getting induced! And this is not at the hospital i wanted to give birth in.
I am not looking forward to it at all, and now i'm trying everything to get my contractions going, i ate god knows how many pineapples, took raspberry leaf tea tablets, will be having a curry for tea, and a long dog walk. Any other ideas? Please help!!!

x x x


  • the same happend too me, and after 4 days was induced by the drip,

    try a long very fast walk. sorry not much help. dident want to read and not write back. hope you get contractions soon hun xx
  • No advice but I hope it starts soon for you - you must feel totally in limbo land! Let us know!

  • No advice on how to start constractions, but would say that the hospital should not let you go beyond 48 hours after waters breaking, due to getting an infection. Good luck xxxx
  • I've heard marching up and downstairs is meant to get things going. Good luck!
  • this happened to me with my eldest (almost 6 years ago). My waters broke in the night on the monday, went to get checked over and sent home. spent all day tue walking round parks and shops to keep busy but had to go in wed am to be induced. attatched to drip at midday and baby born at 8pm. overall it was a good birth experience so try not to worry and stay calm x
  • I'm the same as Hayleyspirit.. My waters broke on the sunday before Christmas and they finally gave me a drip on Christmas Day evening to get things going. Turned out my hind waters had broken and not the fore waters so, nothing happened until the MW broke them! Finally had Madison at 1-51am on Boxing Day!!
  • thanks girls for all you reassurance. Just been out for a long walk and sill nothing image going into the local hospital (midwife led unit) to get monitored in 30 min, then they'll decide whether to send me to the hospital for medical advice or to send me home and if nothing happens by morning, to be induced tomorrow. completely not what i was hoping for, so really really want to get things started naturally...

    x x x
  • no advice but i hope your contractions start soon xxx
  • Nothing happened overnight, getting induced sometime this morning image wish me luck girls

    x x
  • Oh, Good luck FoxyRoxy!!
    Just think it will be worth when you are holding your baby!

    Naomi xx
  • Good luck foxy roxy sorry nothing happened for you last night x

  • wow!! wanted to wish you good luck but you may be pushing already!!!! xxxxxxx
  • good luck foxy roxy


  • good luck for today, cant wait to hear your birth story xxx
  • good luck hun i was induced n it didnt hurt as i had epidural was in labour 4 hours, seriously have an epidural...... good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    sandie and dj 24 days old xxx
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