Little Miracle Story...

Hiya- I posted this in the October Forum but wanted to post it here too so that anyone that's worried about bleeding etc can have a read!!

Morning Ladies,

Well, as some of you may (or may not!!) have noticed, I haven't been on here in a while, and certainly not after my last post saying that I think I was leaving you....

Basically, if you didn't read any of my posts I'll briefly fill you in. I started bleeding the week after I got my BFP and naturally was fearing the worst- the doctors were ABSOLUTELY useless and have done b*gger all from day dot (but don't get me started on that!!) We had an early scan booked from about week 5 but they couldn't do it till I was at least 7 weeks. In that 2 weeks I suffered a huge bleed and passed a clot too (sorry tmi) but once again, the only thing my doc would do was send me for a blood test to check my HCG levels.

I went for the blood test last Monday and she rang me on the Wednesday to say that the test was inconclusive as my levels still seemed high so I had to go for another blood test on the Thursday morning. By now, as you can imagine, although I was fearing the worst I still sort of believed that possibly there could still be a little peanut there because my boobs were still massive and I just felt, well, pregnant!!

Anyway, my scan was booked for 2040hrs on the Monday evening (the longest day in the world EVER!) and my blood tests still weren't back from the docs so off we trotted.... I was shaking like a leaf, I mean I don't think I have EVER been so scared of anything before- and settled in at the private scan place.

Initially the nurse couldn't see anything when she did an external scan so you can imagine how me and hubby were feeling now, we couldn't even look at each other for fear of blubbing. She said she would do an internal because I had a wonky uterus (my words, not hers!!) My legs were shaking so much that I thought I might knock the wand thing out of her hand- anyway, she wiggled it about for a bit and whaddya know....... there was a teeny tiny 8mm heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have what looks like a cut next to the peanut (not very medical I know!) which could be what the initial bleed was from and it looks like we did MC one of a set of twins, so really this is one strong peanut in there!

I know it is still really early days but I just wanted to let you all know that bleeding doesn't necessarily mean the worst and I wanted to Thank everyone who offered me all their support when I was thoroughly miserable and down in the dumps!

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  • Aw Bert, I have been in tears reading this. I can't imagine how it would feel but it truly is a miracle.
    Glad you little bean is fighting fit!
    Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy

  • Oh Bert that is absolutely amazing news and you must feel on top of the world. I'm so pleased for you xxxxx
  • That's brilliant news I can't imagine how you must have felt just glad everything is ok for you and babe. x
  • Bert, so pleased for you that there is happy news. That one must be a real fighter. rx

  • aww huni thats wonderful news u must b soooo happy!! u must have a lil fighter in there!lol!
    luv clare

  • Thats great news that you have a little fighter bean in there! Sorry you lost a little one but at least your little bean is strong and holding in there


  • Great news, so pleased that everything is ok after all that worry. Take good care of yourself. Love Sapphire 17+4 xxx
  • Such fantastic news, you must be so relieved, I really hope you can start enjoying your pregnancy now.

    Bec 30w x
  • That's fab news. I hope your little peanut (mine is Peanut too but a bit bigger at 36+5!!) keeps healthy and well.

  • Brilliant news!! x
  • oh bert im so glad you are back!! soory about your little twin bean,but also so pleased that this little bean is ok,xxxxxhugs

  • Congratulations Bert, I'm so pleased the peanut is well 'shelled in'. Also, I'm so sorry about peanut 2. I know you will never forget that loss, but hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxx
  • ahh that brought tears 2 my eyes. i had a miscarriage couple of years ago n had a small bleed with this 1 so was terrified but im 20 weeks 2day n i can feel him movin around so very happy. glad ur ok x
  • Sorry to hear about your twin bean, but sooooooo glad to hear of your little miracle bean holding on in there hun, heres to you having a happy and healthy pregnancy from now on

    Suzi xxxx
  • Oh that truly is a miracle bean you've got there! so sorry about no.2 but at least you're both okay, congrats to ya and your family.

  • congratulations bert666 thats exactly what happened to me with my first pregnancy, and my little bean is now 17 months old and i've always referred to him as my little angel coz he stayed where he was suposed to be x
    now im pg with no#2 4+4 just hope it doesnt happen again im worried to bits
    good look and i got my fingers crossed for you

    natalie xx
  • Thank you so much Ladies!

    It is only just sinking in- I sat and watched the DVD of the heartbeat last night and couldn't bear to turn it off!!

    Good Luck everyone, here;s to a H&H pregnancy!

  • Thats wonderful news i am sooo pleased the little one is doing goodimage

    K xx
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