OMG im 7+5 and have only just realised that the dermalogica products i use may not be suitable to use while im pregnant!
ive tried to contact my beautician but they were closed- can anyone help please? i use the skin smoothing cream, ultra calming clesanser, daily microfoliant, soothing protection spray and the spf booster (in the rare event of sunshine)!! :\?
What am i like? another day another panic :\(


  • If it says they may not be suitable dont use them an contact ur salon in the morning hun image x Or see if there is a Dermalogica helpline u can phone image x
  • I contacted dermalogica directly about this, and got this reply...

    Dear Lucy

    Thank you for your recent enquiry.

    Dermalogica???? is a professional skin therapy line that is researched by The International Dermal Institute????. As a post graduate training facility, The International Dermal Institute???? has extensive resource to clinical and technical data regarding ingredients. Dermalogica???? always strives to remain at the forefront of product development and use high quality ingredients that will promote optimum skin health.

    Although most Dermalogica???? products are safe to use in pregnancy, there are a few containing specific active agents such as salicylic acid and lactic acid that come into question when the client or user is pregnant.

    At present no studies have been carried out on salicylic acid and lactic acid and its effects on pregnant women. Some medical practitioner's deem salicylic acid safe when used in a cleanser such as Clearing Skin Wash, as it is being washed off of the skin. However the use of salicylic acid during pregnancy is only a concern for highly active, leave on treatment products.

    When considering the use of either salicylic acid or lactic acid we would always recommend one follows the advice given by their midwife or GP.

    We hope you find this information helpful and wish you all the best during your pregnancy.

    Kind regards

    Kerry Nicholson

    Hope that helps! xx
  • will def go to my salon tmw, website is a bit confusing really saying certain things are a no no like the body wraps etc but others are safe but you may want to think twice?!-wtf? lol. nothing i can do now except not use it tonight and check tmw, really hope its ok as it is fab stuff and enabled me to come off my skin medication for ttc.
    Thanx for the help hun x
  • Katii i have dermatitis on my face an what i use an swear by an i never swear by any product an never stick to any face regime but this i have!

    I use Lush's squishy cleanser/soft exfoliant Angels on Bare Skin:

    I then use Dream cream which is a body and hand lotion but honest to god it's so good on ur face!:

    They are safe to use during pregnancy image x Plus nto as expensive as Dermalogica image xx
  • P.S i actually dont use my dermatitis cream off my Gp anymore cos its that good!
  • ah thats fab will give them a go excited- hubby will be made up too with the ,money i save lol x
  • Ur welcome hun, sorry didnt reply but the stupid forum didn't update itself an it showed up as if only i had replied! lol.

    U'll love their products plus they are 100% natural an most are vegan friendly to image So any product u use on urself u can use on baby to image x
  • My best friend who is also pregnant is a beauty therapist who uses and practises with dermologica products, I know she uses many of them personally and I use the daily microfoliant and moisturiser, she hasnt said that it cant be used when pregnant so I presume its ok x
  • Thanks MrsB- Im a mrs B too haha. I think its prob the active vitamin products and some of the professional facial stuff that are problematic.
    Thanks for all the advice girls x
  • G/c from baby

    I work with Dermalogica and their products, as far as I am aware they are all safe to use, I can't think of any ingredients in there that are harmful when pregnant and I worked with them all through my pregnancy.
  • You're alifesaver Rosapenny thank you!! I love love love dermalogica and would have been gutted if I had to give them up.
  • LOL I know, nearly everybody that uses it can't live without it!!
  • I've been told it is only the multivitamin products containing vitamin A which should be avoided. x
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