Anglesounds dopler & 12 week scan

Mine has just arrived in post, I am only 11+2 is it too early to hear anything,having trouble have read other post and did to it really low down right near bikini line, have been for an early scan so I know where to put it, however I am having trouble finding anything.

I tried it on my own heart and could hear it beating but it was not very loud and had it turned up.

I am not worried yet, got 12 week scan on Monday at 9.15 will worry then.


  • Hi hun, I found hb this morning with Angelsounds and I'm 10+5. Mine was higher than I thought so try moving it up a little. Try tilting it down as well and press quite har d(not really hard obviously!) Also make sure the whole transducer is on your skin. I realised I kept tilting it so much it may not have been working properly.

    I actually found hb when I was just listenting to my own (in my stomach not chest obviously!!) I held the doppler still for quite a while and the sound got clearer and then I realised I could hear baby's hb in background! I pressed a bit harder and moved it a tiny bit and it got clearer. You're listening for something that's about twice as fast as yours.

    I was also surprised at how quiet even my own heart was!

    Good luck x
  • You will find it eventually hun it just takes some practice


  • make sure you use plenty of gel/cream/baby oil. I use body lotion and it works a treat, but without it I can hardly hear a thing!!
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