Worrying all the time !

Hi everyone !! Im new to this site but been reading all of your posts !

Im 18 weeks pregnant and i dont stop worrying about everything! Ive got my 2nd scan nx wednesday - hopefully going to find out if its a boy or girl but i cant stop worrying if everything is ok !

I even bought one of those dopplers so i can hear the babies heartbeat but think im becoming obsessed !!

Has anyone else been like this ? Ne Advice?

Melissa xx:\)


  • hi hun im 18 weeks and im exactly the same i constantly worry that my babays not growing because i havent got a proper rounded bump and my scan is in 2 weeks and im worried they will find something wrong i havent bought a doppler but im really tempted to do so
    i think im going mad but i blame hormones lol
    so youre not on your own hun im obsessed with you lol

  • Hi Hun, welcome to the site. I'm afraid it's just one of those things and it doesn't get any better! I'm 33 weeks now and just the same. I here from those who have kids that it just gets worse once they're here as well. It comes with the territory of being a mum! I'm sure everything will be fine for you - but I know from experience that it doesn't stop you worrying when people try to re-assure you, good luck hun, your scan will be lovely, xxx
  • hi girls! I'm 19 wks and the same! I dnt have my scan til 22wks so have 2 wait a bit longer! Think it must be very natural to be worrying about these things.. so guess we should all try and relax! (I know thatz easier said then done.. believe me! ) xxx
  • Hi! Its def normal to worry all the time. I worried in the first 12 weeks about having a mc, then after that I worried about going into premature labour. Im 38+4 now and still worrying that baby will be ok when born. I've also got a 2 year old and I worry constantly about him. Think I'm obsessed too. I sometimes get really upset about the things that could happen to my son or my baby, even if they're not likely too. It's really silly, but I guess it's just the way a mums mind works. Good luck with your scan. i didn't really enjoy mine cos they were looking for signs of Down Syndrome (my triple test results showed a high risk), but once I knew everything looked ok, I relaxed a bit more. Love Rachel XXX
  • i agree with every one i'm a worrier and if no movement i worry even though its because baby's facing wrong way but still worry lol i've had my 2n'd scan and saw everything working and look good! its part and parcel getting you ready to be a mom i think lol who ever says you stop worrying is a myth apparently god help us all! well at least your not alone in the worrying lol
  • i constantly worry and i'm only nearly 13 weeks! you'd think I know better as it's number 3 but it's so different from the other 2. I've had 2 lots of spotting, D and V and cramps, and thats just this weekend, I'm sure everything is fine. I have my first scan tomorrow so hopefully things will settle down, well till it gets close to the next scan.

    Luckily I' not worried about Labour, infact I' looking forward to it as I think I learnt a lot from the last 2 times, and have a better idea of what to expect.
  • I agree with all of the above too!!! As soon as i've stopped worring about one thing, i move onto the next...just can't help it. My hubbie wouldn't let me buy a doppler coz he knew i'd be obsessed with it!
    Ha ha, the joys of motherhood!!
    Welcome to the site by the way, you'll find lots of support etc here, i've found it really really helpful
    Sarah xx
  • Thanks guys for the replies !! In case any of you change your mind about a doppler, i rented mine from a website called anawiz and it was only ??16.00 a month !

    I know this sounds disgusting but im a bit worried abt extra discharge- ive heard that it can be a bad sign?? Ne one experienced extra discharge?
  • hi im not pregnant my lo is almost 16 weeks, i worried constantly throughout my pregnancy and the worrying still hasnt stopped now that shes here, im constantly checking her to make sure she is ok. i think its just one of those mumsy things xx
  • Hi Melissa
    Haven't really noticed that myself, but perhaps give your m/w a call to put your mind at ease.
    Sarah xx
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