Swollen ankles and wrists (3rd trimester)

Any tips- is it serious do i need to call midwife (have appt on friday anyway)

What can i do to soothe it?


  • hi, sometimes it acn just be that u've been on ur feet a bit much, especially in warm weather, so if u've been up on ur feet a;lot then i would just put ur feet up tonight, try to keep them elevated when possible and maybe even wrap them in cold/damp flannels and if the swelling goes down at all by tomorrow morning then thats most likely what it is (but still worth a mention when u see ur mw on fri)..if however, u've been getting headaches, visual disturbances (spots/lights/blurred vision) and it doesn't go down at all then its best to speak to someone sooner rather than later and get ur bp checked, if thats the case, then it might be an idea to phone ur maternity unit tonight and go in for the once over to be on the safe side. hth, take care xx
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