A baby - made with love! what a lovely Christmas Gift..

Well Hello Girls...

I'm Natalie & just 25... I'm a little bit excited but can't share my news yet... so here i am... :roll:
I have been with my Boyfriend five and a half years image & he is lovely ;\)... We met in a night club at the tender age of our late teens & for our first date went back and later played kiss chase around Trafalga Square! I loved that there were no games.. he was very clear he liked me and wanted to be with me! We always knew we both wanted a large family but were to young to start thinking about THAT right away... we had things to do, such as party, enjoy each other, travel ect...

A few years (3) into our relationship I got really ill & was rushed into hospital they found a lump on my Ovaries 8cm both ways... I was told they thought it could be cancer and that at 22I might have to my Ovaries removed I refused!! but had little choice...:cry: I loved my BF and knew he was dying to be a Daddy and would make a beautiful one too... (he has 16 neices and nephews) ...the hurt of thinking if i kept him we might not be able too... & would i be enough...Anyways I had the operation had the Lump removed... to find out later I have PCOS:\?

We decided from that point that we both want children *which we really had know already because it was discused so much* but we decided to stop preventing it from happening...;\) if you get my driff! 2 years went by & we enjoyed lots of practice image but nothing :\( .We weren't to stressed about it tho, never watched dates, or counted anything, just enjoyed each other & what would be would be... I was still young and had already spoken to the doctor about it & knew there where tablets to increse fertility if needed!!

My period was late... nothing new there tho IM NEVER REGULAR! EVER!! but... my boobs were sore, i was very tired, and hiding ice cream! lolimage under the peas in the freezer encase my mum ate it on me! Now thats not something id normally do.. lol just go and buy more! I went to my Best Friends house to see her and my beautiful angel of a god child to be told i was *glowing* and as Hayden clambered all over me and I complained about tenderness... I WAS TOLD *you are pregnant* lol of course i denined it! ME??:\? no i couldnt be!!? lol With two years of purely practice you can grow quite complacent ...

I did a test.. It came back POSSITIVE! my mum a retired nurse told me you cant get a false positive the LINE was so STRONG

I told my fella he was over the moon but in disblief I didnt acctually tell him i gave him the packet and the taken test and let him work it out for himself! a massive beautiful happy smile appeared lol then i made HIM take the other test to check it wasnt wrong! he did and came back negitive .... Off course!!

We think i maybe about 3 weeks and because of the PCOS i may miss carry (not that i want to think that) but i cant bare everyone knowing for that to happen! so were keeping 'mum'!

we have our first appointment tom morning to confirm things! but ive taken two tests and both are very strong possitives! and about anyone ive told have said you cant get a false possitive lol reminds my fella of school with electrons and newtrons possitives negitives...

ive really fancied spinage of all things... please excuse my spelling but dinner is ready & i want to eat a hot healthy meal...image

much love
& baby dust to those trying! xxx


  • Really lovely story....I'm very hormonal today so maybe I should've read it tomorrow!!!! Wishing you all the very best and sending out lots of positive thoughts for you both...x x x
  • i dont want to put a downer on you but i have had false possotives i got taken to hospital in april as i did a home test which was possotive and was having pains on 1 side and doc though i was having an eptopic so they did 4 urine tests which 2 were negative and 2 were possotive then they did blood tests and an ultra sound and they wer negative! i was gutted! but dont let that put you off tho! i wish you all the luck hunny! im 8 weeks pregnant now and i found out around 3 weeks too its so hard not to tell any one tho i couldnt manage it lol!
    bec x x x
  • congratulations i also have pcos and was trying 2 concieve 4 a while and now am 34 weeks good luck x
  • So many lovely messages!! - I will return tommorrow after the doctors to let everyone know where I Stand! It seems so dreamy like its not really real! I'm an adventure youth worker for a living which i absolutly love! but won't be able to do if i am you know pregnant...! image

    Has anyone ELSE heard of flase possitives?
  • Oh wow! I'm so happy for you.
    I can't wait to hear how you get on tomo!!

    I have also heard that you can't get false positives, only negatives. My doctor told me when i first went to see him. He never even made me do another test as the one i did at home was positive and good enough for him!

    Its lovely to hear you so happy!

    Congratulations and good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

    Amy + pink bump
    28 weeks 3 days

    P.S. Spinach is a great form or folic acid so eat away!! xx
  • Congratulations- its great to hear a happy story like yours!!

    When I was pregnant with my first my doc didn't do a test either he just said that you couldn't get a false posative.

    Take it easy and enjoy your spinach

    Kirsty xx
  • congats I hope it all goes well adn look forward to chatting a bit more on here soon. Hope the appt tomorrow comfirms EVERYTHING!!!! X image
  • congrats that is grate news, and good luck at ur appt tomorrow hun xxx


  • Awwwww what a great story!!! Congratulations image My doc also said that my home test was good enough for them! I was asked which brand I used apparently clear blue are the most reliable. I can't wait to hear how you get on tomorrow. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • a false possotive is rare and normally linked with women taken hormone tablets (which i wasnt at the time) and mine was due to a cyst on my overies which was confusin my body!! it was all a bit scary at the time!

    but i hope no one on here thinks that im lyin about this???
  • My doc has also told me you dont get false positives, how strange. BIG CONGRATULATIONS, I hope it all goes well for you, sounds like you deserve some luck x x x
  • Congratulations - what a lovely story, you've had me in tears too! Best of luck hun, xxx
  • Congrats swetty not heard of false pos although not to say they aren't real but i'm sure your fine image waiting anxiously for your response on the doc... Have my dating scan on weds image i'll be approx 9+6 lol My test results came in loud and clear and the doc didn't even ask to see the results let alone test me himself... We're all exstatic here sooo excited. its no1's 1st grandchild and both sides have both sexes so no pressure for the sex either which is great. big smiles and warm hugs. Debz
  • hi bec n bump - i believe you!

    i dont know if this is the same thing, but you can get very early pregnancy failures - i.e. test positive on week 4 and then what seems like your af comes a few days/week later. Fertilisation takes place but the little bunch of cells dont attach the way they are supposed to. This scenario isn't particularly rare apparantly according to the doctor i saw- but if the woman isn't actively trying for a baby she wont test and then just think her af is a few days late. Some people might think of this as a false positive - they test positive at home, but before their doctor does a test (if they do - mine doesn't) what appears to be their af comes along.

    This happened to me so i know its true! I had a nice clear +ve test using clearblue digital at exactly 4 weeks, but 5 days later what appeared to be my af came along. it was only because i've m/c before and was actively trying that i could tell the subtle difference.

    However, that said, i dont want to spoil Natalie's story - I just wanted to let bec n bump know i believed her!

    NAtalie - the very best of luck to you - you clearly deserve it.
  • i believe her too hence y i said it doesn't mean its not true. could have lost what was there to give the positive report. come to think about it i did read there was some rare problem that had been known to give a positive reading. Just can't remember where i read it or what it was image not much help but i guess that could be a false positive scenario image
  • Hi! Ah,thats lovely news, you had me in tears, honestly! I hope all goes well for you both! xx
  • Hey Hey all Lovely Ladies! I have been to the Doctors and I am approx five weeks now! I am so excited!

    I dont think i added the bit about 'our holiday' just after i came out of hospital and after i had some recovery time... Simon (the Daddy) surprised me with a Holiday to a quite little village in the lower half of Zante! it was so beautiful and hot.. A few days in he preposed... we were staying in a tiny complex but he had told everyone there he was going to do it! He pulled out a beautiful big single Diamond ring, when we got down stairs there was champane on ice big dramatic cocktails massive bunch of local flowers... and there were a family of greek dancers who made a big love heart of flames on the ground for us! the following morning he took me horse riding on the beach and later in the afternoon we got our own private boat and took it to tutle island where they mate and we went swiming in the caves!

    Anyways I did 3 clear blue test all possitive with very strong responces and the Doctor was happy with those! So now waitting for the mid wife...

    As for Bec n bump - I am really sorry that you suffered for that time and I am so pleased that you are happy safe well and pregnant now!! ... however im sure you can understand I just didn't want any add pressure or stress so just wanted to wait for the professionals thoughts, you did worry me a bit leaving that message and i had a little cry and did another test to make sure i was! i do understand that the things that happened to you must of been awful but i didnt want to particular be told that when ive left a message saying ive just found out and i'm at risk of Mis carriage I want to rap my bump up in cotton wool, bubble wrap and love!
  • i know what you mean chick, i didnt mean it to upset you! what happend to me has happend to a few people it is rare but does happen! i was so worried this time! im just happy all is good wiv you and bump! did the doctor give you an estimated due date?
  • 28th July approx A nice summer baby! xx
  • lol im due on the 15th july!
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