Headaches - OW !!!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing really bad headaches, usually situated over one eye which I can only get a bit of respite (but not pain free) by closing the offending eye !

I've been taking paracetamol but i'm worried that I shouldnt be taking it every day - so am struggling to cope with work and well....daily life with this searing pain !

I just wondered if anyone else experienced this early in the second trimester and what you found to ease it !




  • Hi, I am 17+3 and over the last few weeks I have been getting extremely bad headaches that I just cannot get rid of. I invested in the head ache strips the other day but I haven't had a headache since I bought them. I try my hardest not to take paracetamol, which is probably why the headaches won't go, lol. I know it's not my blood pressure as it is fine, maybe u should get urs checked out. A nice cool shower also helps me, sometimes. Hopefully it is just a phase in pregnancy that some go through. Hopefully it goes soon.

    Kristina 17+3
  • I've been getting these and I'm 12+4.

    At first I thought it was the stress from the weekend - we had a very very poorly kitty :cry:

    But now perhaps its something that happens at this stage? I hate taking paracetamol for a headache at the best of times, let alone now! Saturday / Sunday it was that bad, I gave in and took one.

    Hoping to get to a chemist at lunchtime as lots of ladies recommended 4Head after I posted this weekend.

    Joo xxx
  • i suffered with this in my last pregnancie it was awful, drinking lots of water really helps, xxx
  • Hi I am now 9 days overdue but I suffered with headaches all through my 1st and 2nd trimesters. I used the "4head" stick that you can buy from a chemist and it really seemed to ease the pain and I too found drinking lots of water helped.
  • I'm 17+4 and have been getting really bad headaches every day for about the last 3 weeks. I've just been taking paracetamol and drinking lots of water, but I'm sure that I read somewhere that headaches can sometimes be a sign of high blood pressure so while I'm not going to worry about it, I will mention it to the doctor/midwife at the next visit!

    Hope yours ease off soon! xx
  • Hello all
    I have been headaches in the 2nd trimester too. First one started at 12 weeks and was a constant debilitating headache lasting 2 and half weeks! Went to GP, he signed me off sick and said it was just "hormones" as the placenta was taking over. BP was fine. He prescribed co-codomol which helped a little but not a great deal. It eventually went away on its own. Had another 4 day headache at 16 weeks and then a bad one (only 1 day this time thank god!) at 18 weeks. Have had BP checked each time and it is normal. Doc just says it is "one of those things "in pregnancy. I'm sorry I have no words of wisdom, keep hydrayted and rest - headache will go away eventually! I've been lucky that my work have been undersatnding as I have had quite a few days off as headaches have been so bad that work would not have been possible
    Fingers crossed headaches subside a bit for us all!

    Mrs S2B
    19 weeks + 1
  • When I was 15 weeks ish had ten days of horrid headaches and migraines then they just stopped. Making sure I drink lots to try and ward them off!
  • hi, i am now almost 21 weeks and have had heaedaches since i found i was pregnant when i was 6 weeks and they can last anything from 1-2 days to all week! I have to take paracetamol as i just can't cope with the pain as if i leave it it turns into a migrane which makes me ill. I have had a few othe problems too like constant bladder infections and tiredness, so i finally went to the doctor yesterday who has referred me to a specialist about my bladder, he thinks my headaches are linked to this. My bllod pressure was fine. I think headaches are common in pregnancy although i never had a single one when i was pregnant with my DD. Hopefully you might find they ease off soon but if its really affecting you i would go to your GP. xxx


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