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I need some advice and know this is the place to get it image

Well a week ago i started itching ( down below ) and it has become sore esp if i try to have sex and then when i pee. I assumed that this would be thrush. Ive nver had it before so wasnt too sure.

Ive been using natural yoghurt and been putting tea tree in the bath but i just rang my doctors and he told me i need to have a swab and asked if the midwife had heard the babies heartbeat.

This is really worrying me now. Why would he ask about the heartbeat?



  • Please dnt worry im sure its just normal procedure to check all pregnant women like this. Sounds painful for you tho, how far gone are u? I know its hard but worrying and stressing yourself out isnt gud for u or the baby, i just suppose its best to be safe and thats why the DR asked you. Kerry xxx

  • Im 19 weeks- i have my scan tomorrow so fingers crossed everything ok.

    Thanks for the reply

    Im such a worrier xx
  • I think worrying comes naturally with pregnancy (even tho its the worse thing we can do). Im sure everything will be fine, gud luck 2moz, and let us know how u get on. Kerry xxx

  • It may well be a yeast infection I used to get this before I was preggo and had the same symptoms as you. Try wearing only cotton pants and holding a cold flannel against your "area", don't wear any tight trousers and try and let the air get to you as much a possible. The Dr is just following procedure hun so try not to worry.

    Ohh also try your best not to touch yourself (not in the naughty way lol just at all) as it irritates it.

  • Thank you image God im such a worrier. Im dreading tomorrow- ive been having nightmares that somethings going to be wrong. Definately have to try the cold flannel - ill try anything about now anyway lol

    Its easier said than done not to itch but i do regret it afterwards lol
  • I had this and I had it for 2 weeks before I had the courage to go to the doctors, I just thought it might be an allergy to washing powder or something. Anyway I went to the doctor's and she took swabs and they called me saying it was thrush & to collect a prescription. It can't hurt the baby and once I had taken the pessary tablet (safe in pregnancy unless its before 12 wks) I felt back to normal again. I have read that thrush is v. common in pregnancy and it must be as I never had it before. xxxx
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