Evening Ladies.

Hope you are all well!!

Just wondered how many of you have kept your pushchair in the house before baby has arrived?

So paranoid lol!!

sam xx


  • I was going to keep it in the nursery then my friend went mad and said i can't!! she said i must leave it at my mums??? she has made me paranoid now!! i didn't see the problem as i have the nursery full of everything else! and how am i supposed to play with it when its at mums!lol
    carly 28+1
  • Lol yeah my nan said oh my you cant keep it in the house! lol i thought about keeping it in either the nursery or the porch like you say everything else is in there anyway! and yeah i wanna play with it! lol!! xx
  • my mum wont let me have mine yet!!! she said shel bring it round for wen i get home from hospital!? lol
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