Any teachers and maternity pay please help!!!

I teach in an independent school and I get RUBBISH maternity pay - 90% for 6 weeks then the basic statutory pay for the rest of the time. I wish I got 6 months full pay!


  • mine is pretty poor as far as im concerned. i will get 2 weeks at full pay, 4 weeks at 90% 12 weeks at half pay+smp (which is about 117 a week) and then the rest at smp. but i think i am going to have to start back the week the school holidays start so that i get full pay throughout the hiolidays, then start back in sept..i really dont want to go back so soon but dont think i could afford not to. thinking about going back part time but need to think about my options a bit more. it depends which authority you work for to exaclty what your entitled to
  • I'm also a teacher and my pay is the same as you bailey_b. I'm due on 7th August which is rubbish timing because my maternity pay will start when baby is born but I would have had 6 weeks off full pay anyway had I been due in Sept. Never mind. I don't think I'll be able to afford to have very long off either which i'm gutted about, probably till feb half term 2010. which will make baby about 6 months old but i'm home by 3.30pm most days so i supose its not all bad.
    jen xx
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